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  1. Another great looking fly.. here in mn the bass seem to be eating up my supply of crosscut leeches, and this pattern has convinced me to get some baby bass spun.. thanks, your flies inspire me to open new doors...
  2. Fantastic.. i tie them on a small streamer #8 eagle claw hook and here in mn there my anytime, anywhere crappie fly.. if youd be so inclinded is too add your recipe, youd be putting fish in my boat.. thanks
  3. I use a dremel with all my popper bodies foam, basswood, balsa etc. the adjustable speed dremel allows you to slow down 5000rpms for more detail with emory paper for smoothing or applying superglue to wood body for hardness and adds perfect straight rings when useing a sharpie.. i havent perfected my process of mounting the body to the dremel, some use a trim nail for framing, a ground down mandel etc.. i use a straightened out piece of kitchen fork and it works great.. have fun, the good thing is theres no rules to the game..
  4. Wow, I have used plastics in the past from time to time, and this right up my alley..
  5. Orange for carp.. Good idea. I tie these in pearl with silver bead head and a small white craft fur tail for the tail on a number 10 streamer hook. And I also found out last night that if you incorporate pink marabou at the tail and some ticking out over the eye of the hook, the crappies loved it along with the largemouth.. Good post.. Id post pictures but I have yet to figure it out with this phone.. Thanks guys.
  6. very nice, this in my opinion is a great start to something much bigger.. I also feel the same way about posting pictures.. I enjoy the idea of something other than hackle behind the head.. i'd shorten the tail hair up a bit, in my opinion but very nice work, your poppers are already sending me to my bench for new ideas.. thanks
  7. Well so far I'm comparing my hand sanding to the ones I've "turned" on my dremel; from a ground down dremel bit to a thin needle point.. So far so good but dremel "turned" popper bodies have the puncture hole to fill and still need some hand sanding (fine tuning) afterwards, so who knows which way is faster.. I do agree with phish, I could never bring myself to buy popper bodies.. Thanks for all your opinions, advice, and comments..
  8. Fantastic, how do you get your eyes so precise and symetrical?? I have produced some really nice popper but my eye work needs help...
  9. Okay, I've enjoyed hand sanding poppers from balsa for quite a while.. well I would like to do some from basswood or even foam.. My question to all of you is; how can I use a dremel and cut some time in half and make more heads? What do I need to mount the stock balsa to the tool to sand it down with out problems.. Thanks
  10. Very nice.. one question that I have is on your green popper with the blue hackle and rubber legs, do you tie the legs in then place and wrap the hackle? I enjoy the look, but have tried it a few times and get discouraged after days of prep and thought..
  11. Super glue... got it thanks.. I usually make a flat face then leave a lip at the top of my flies so it does lift off easier, but when I pop it, it throws the water a bit more, sort of like the cupped, but leaving only 1/8 of the top.. Endless ideas
  12. Define CA glue? Once my poppers crack from being hammered so many times, it also has the tendancy to sink.. i'm intrigured.. Thanks
  13. In my own opinion, practice makes perfect seems to be the "norm" for me.. I dont mess with drills dremels or other tools.. i just use the right sand paper/ emery paper for the appropriate stage i'm working on.. and mine end up coming out much like the ones you see in stores. yeah theres a very small difference in each but not really notciable once the hair/feathers are put on and it has a nice coat of paint and sealed shut.. I have learned that it all boils down to how well you seal it shut water tight, and how you form the head to gain the right pop/gurgle.. just my fyi
  14. Horrible, just horrible poppers... I suggest you get rid of them and send them to me ASAP... thanks for posting
  15. I seal mine with two layers and they last a long time.. i usually end up losing hair instead of anything going wrong with the body.. I use the Devcon type epoxy the longest they make, the better..
  16. i also build my own poppers by hand sanding balsa bodies.. What i do, which is easy and duriable and never had any trouble with is.. build the body.. mount the hook with epoxy and of course thread on hook also, once dry i apply a base color and then two other coats of the same afterwards.. LIGHTLY sand the base color to get the roughness off then i apply an all epoxy coat over it to seal it.. I use an 8hr epoxy to get the most out of the curing and they wont turn foggy/white.. When dry i use Sharpie markers, paint, whatever you use to "decorate" with right on top of the dried epoxy.. Then once done (and dried) i mix epoxy with a couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol mix it well and paint that on to seal it.. tied hair after sealed then dunk it in your favorite fishing hole and have fun.. eat fish, get fat... I love making poppers, i can really only stress the type of epoxy you use.. and careful for using markers with the alcohol cause the alcohol with make it run and turn to shit quick... Thanks for the post.
  17. why have i not been informed about these "charlie" flies.... i need them.. put them also on the list of things to tie... Nice Thanks
  18. nice bug, i'm thinking i need a few of these.. thanks for the pics
  19. i see alot of stores selling balsa poppers, but foam is getting alot of attention nowadays.. i was at a local flyfishing expo here in MN, and it seemed that the tiers that were using foam, sort of scoffed at sanded balsa or basswood etc headed poppers.. Is hand sanding poppers part of the "old way" ?? My father and brother are all about foam also.. Me personally, like the work it takes to create a balsa panfish popper.. But what is your opinion on the matter? Is wooden poppers becoming a thing of the past (not that it matters at all)? What do you prefer?
  20. what a great looking fly... i'll take 6, to go please...
  21. nice work, i've been thinking alot about learning how to tie worms or caterpillars.. obviously they work..
  22. I was going to do some smallmouth fishing on the mississippi once it opens up, those are going to open the door to new ideas for me.. lookin good thanks.
  23. Great job on the spots and eyes. I have steady hand but for some reason some people have a trick to it, and i'm still searching.. Good Job
  24. Henry, I just shape the bodies by hand with sandpaper then to cup out the face I spin a small sanding stone made for a dremel between my thumb and finger. Use drill bits to paint the eyes. The base color and the gloss coats were actually put on with a toothpick. Not a fancy method but it works . Drill bits for the eyes huh, i have read alot about using them.. but dont see how it would work very well...
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