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  1. if anything just to use it to build the body and get some nice ridges on it.. but since posting those pictures i've added fishing line as small legs then colored the legs, and have improved the fly body and color alot more.. i'm so excited cause i've only been tying 6months or so
  2. i was reading about catgut the other day and was going to look for some at a local farm supply store we have near us. it looks really fun and i saw a few flies tied with it.. something i will be getting..
  3. These are actually some of my firsts I tied, the ones I've been doing are better and more. Consistant with pattern and color.. I cut long strips of latex gloves and then used a crayola marker to color then sealed over that to preserve color.. very easy tie.. They have worked thru the ice here in MN, so I'm very excited to use them as a dropper this spring/summer.. Thanks for the feedback I used a size 10 caddis hook and other misc hooks..
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by catmanclark: wax worm
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by catmanclark: Killer bees
  6. ive been tying with just good ol' latex gloves. they dont have that amber color and are a bit whiter than i would like, so i've been coloring them after tied, then coating them with sallys to preserve the color.. They worked on the ice here in MN so i'm feeling very happy and excited to use them as a dropper off a popper this spring/summer.. i'll post some pictures when i get a few more tied.. The best thing about flyting is the thrifyness of finding material and creating something great.
  7. i dont hear much people talking about float tubes these days. I love mine, casting is nice and spacious, mine is comfortable holds me good, i usually dont even wear a life jacket.. i wear my waders when in mine, until it gets too hot since my waders are rated for cold water, once it gets hot i wear shorts. I can go anywhere, any body of water, and pack it on my back for a portage. Dont skimp on the flippers, there essential. Now the downside to float tubes are, boaters can be spooky and alot dont seem to care about you. and if you have to pee and your wearing waders you have to paddle back to get out and pee... Float tubes are wonderful and i highly recommend having one.. Fun posts
  8. yeah i'm wondering about the base also... i want mine to shine too..
  9. wow your touching on a subject that i have in my "workbook" as we speak.. I've tied a few flies using dubbing to form a body, then to tie in a strip of latex glove and wrap the dubbing, then follow with wire or fishing line for the ridges of the waxies body. finish with the right color thread. I have used mine ice fishing here in MN, and they work in the winter, theyve got to be good in the spring summer used as a dropper.. Keep me posted on what you come up with, i'd be curious to see/know.. Thanks
  10. Yeah so I love making balsa poppers for panfish, and am experimenting with paint (testors) pens, sharpies, using a pin for dots, even Qtips. I have a pretty steady hand, but not very good with a brush.. My inquiry is; what are some of you using to make consise dots with out running, or smearing? Is there something others have been using that I don't know, or is there something I could construct? Thanks
  11. enjoyed the videos.. this spring i'll try the crappie/bass combo here in MN.. thanks
  12. thank you.. I love them... i'll be using them here in MN..
  13. Great job with the colors.. Has anyone used an airbrush system to color there flies like Testors.. I usually use whatever markers and paint the kids have around the house
  14. I'll investigate the wire around the hook, and where it is needed.. sort of like balancing a tire.. Even if they don't do what i want them to do in the water i enjoy looking at them, and enjoyed the time making them.. My 5yr old daughter is coloring a few for me.. I am also learning that you can color the balsa/cork with just about anything as long as you seal it with a thin layer of Sally and a finishing coat of epoxy.. My next idea is a balsa popper with spun deer hair behind it with joining colors to make the balsa look like it's been morfed into hair... i guess i should learn how to spin hair now huh... so many doors open at once.. I'm a stay at home dad, with our 4 kids (all under 5ys) so i have alot of time to sit and think of ideas.. but no time to tie. Any advice on my grubs? i know the hooks are wrong size etc, but i just needed to practice.. Thanks catman
  15. So if I understand you right... I should have a great, relaxing time creating a new fly.. Then get off my ass and go fishing.. Well you said it, hands down the best advise I've heard in a long time.. if it doesn't ride in the water right, well I had fun, and I have a lifetime of tying.. Thanks guys.. I'll post more picks soon thanks.
  16. Thank you for all your critism (if spelled right) Ever since i picked up and sanded my first body i thought to myself that exact question.. How the hell is this going to float? So should i add the hook and allow to dry, then see if it "rides" correct? Or should i do it before the hook? I was honestly thinking if i add the right amount of hair/feathers i could "visually" see how it may ride on the water, since water weight on larger bass poppers hold a bit of water.. What a learning curve, i guess we have a lifetime. These are my first and i have 8 smaller ones now mounted on hooks and drying. i suppose i could pull them all apart if they dont ride right.. Thought's? catman
  17. First of all i've only been tying a month.. And im new at figuring out the lighting for taking decent pictures of what was tied. i hand sanded these, and painted by hand and used epoxy to seal.. these are my first, so any ideas and opinions would be greatfully helpful. I also have some realistic grubs i'm working on.. so we'll see..
  18. Well when I asked the epoxy question I was sort of "stuck" I went with the devcon 30min epoxy and its great.. I've learned a lot from this forum and am greatful for all feedback. I've only been tying about three weeks and have learned a lot and had a ton of fun.. poppers are (so far) my favorite they take time.. sanding by hand, sealing them coloring them then sealing them again with epoxy/alchohol mix for a thick seal. Then with the hair.. I'm being thrify with my colors too using anything in the house to color them with, then appling sally over the color to seal it in. Thank you, I use my phone to follow with the forum, and am dieing to post pictures..once we get our laptop working pics to come soon.
  19. Fantastic information.. I'm getting a dremel tonight and am becoming very successful with the bodies I just find that when I let them sit and cure (1 day) they can still rotate around the hook even when placing a thread base.. I'm in no rush, and I have a lifetime to figure it out. What about popper hooks? With the bent shaft, do you use those at all?
  20. Okay, my delema on epoxy and poppers.. 1. when i form the body of my popper and slice a groove in the belly to place threaded hook, what is best to use when mounting it to balsa? i've got a bit of sallys nail stuff, head cement, and some 1min epoxy? What is the best choice of epoxy out there? Does epoxy turn hard? it seems smelly and greesy is this right? thank you..
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