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  1. Can anyone help with what this would be in the new/modern scale? :dunno: http://www.classicflytying.com/index.php?showtopic=33141 Thanks in advance Nick
  2. Mustad do make a barbless 'salmon dry fly hook' how do i know? ;-) i have a box at home ... they aren't particularly elegant hooks though If anynone is till interested i can dig them out this weekend and share them with anyone who wants a few (PM me if you are interested)
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied Nick :headbang:
  4. It certainly appears he's used 3 sets of tippets each side there are 4 vertical black bars from the tippets the first set nearest the tail has the rear black bar in a single layer of tippet (largets tippet), the next black bar is from 2 layers of matched tippet (matched so that the further larger bar on the outer feather is the same size as the inner smaller bar on the inner tippet), the next black bar 2 layers (ditto layering), the closest to the head is a single layer (note the fade of orange into yellow under the JC and chatterer) sounds complicated but its easier to do thatn explain its basically same as a durham but extended by another tippet try matching them on the table top against a bare hook before tying them in get the proportions right in practice before the real thing anyway thats my 2 cents worth good luck its a gorgeous fly! nick
  5. Thats perfect! Exactly what I need (or is it want? ;-)) I emailed Jens so hopefully he'll be able to help if I don't hear from anyone else on the list in the meantime Thanks everyone for your replies so far! Regards Nick
  6. Zach Can you send pics of how it should look and how it does look? Nick
  7. Thanks Damian I've seen them on Ebay, and I have them noted a possible future purchase, ditto with Ken Sawada :-) I'm really just after a small piece (enough for 2-3 flies) just to get me over the "hump" Thanks for your reply! Nick
  8. Hi everyone I've been trying to source some Kori Bustard I emailed John Mc about the sharing program but haven't heard back but I'm not sure he can help as I am in Ireland anyway Can anyone help me with some to either sources or some to share or swap? Thanks in advance Nick :dunno:
  9. what about thinning using denatured alcohol does that work? will it help get rid of bubbles?
  10. its a no name brand ($2 a tube ) it sets up perfectly though, gelled hard in 6 minutes, rock hard in 10 minutes and wonderfully clear (except for the bubbles!) i had a tube i bought 3 years ago and did some temp repairs to an outside seat and that still isn't yellow so i thought it would be perfect - apart from the bubbles i'm mixing on a clear plastic takeaway container lid using a plastic toothpick oh did i mention i'm having problems with the bubbles?
  11. hi all i've been tying some surf candies recently and am having some problems with my 5 minute epoxy no matter how i mix it, it seems to end up full of bubbles to the point where its pointless having clear expoy because the bubbles hide everything can anyone help me with this? feel free to give me tips hints etc offflist: [email protected] thanks in advance Anselmo
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