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  1. Those look fantastic! Do you need my address?? Someone is going to be very lucky.
  2. Very creative indeed! I agree with Day5, that should be a gill getter for sure. Love the ice dub.
  3. These are all great looking flies. Thanks for the ideas. Might be able to try a few of those this evening.
  4. Being new to fly tying, I'm looking for a few easy to tie yet effective panfish flies. Can you gentlemen post a few pics of your faves and a little instruction? I appreciate the help. :wallbash:
  5. When you mentioned pink squirrel I thought of dyed squirrel tail. Guess that's the jig tyer coming out! That pattern of yours looks awesome. I hope I can tie one. These flies are putting a hurt on me.
  6. I love them all. The blue really stands out and should be a killer. Great looking, clean ties. The squirrel is a great idea too!
  7. They're closing because most of them are way overpriced to begin with. In this economy, I'll take whatever I can get if it's a good price.
  8. Now those are really good looking. Would love to see some step by step instructions for those. I'm not too familiar with mylar. Those look fantastic! :headbang:
  9. I have made some similar with the blades by attaching hooks with solder. These are probably too large for what you are looking for but the crappie and bass eat them up. I have not tried casting them with a fly rod but now may have to give it a go.
  10. That Spey looks awesome. I'm liking the epoxy fly too. I recently purchased some "nail heads" at a craft store for using as eyes on a few crappie jigs. They are metal and look much like the name implies and come in several colors. I might have to try one of those using nail heads for eyes. Great work.
  11. Good looking minnow pattern and great colors.
  12. Mine was waiting on the front porch when I got home from work! Unbelievable amount of supplies at a small price. Had I purchased these items up the road, I would have spent at least four times the money. I'm impressed. Now someone needs to tell me what to do with all this stuff!
  13. Nothing in this corner of Missouri either. I'll bet he sells many of them, so maybe he is very busy. Shoot for tomorrow!
  14. At first glance I thought the pics were different angles anyway! Not enough coffee this morning. Love the color of that fly. That fish is quite awesome as well. I think I might attempt this fly.
  15. Love it! Should be near weedless and like the hook riding up as well. That head really makes it come alive. NICE!
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