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  1. Yes Conehead you are correct, sir, sometimes I become a little narrow minded in fishing. I remember the great times as a kid using popping bugs for smallies in the Susquehanna where the mouth of the Yellow Breeches enters,the River, one of the fightinest fish pound for pound in freshwater. I have caught Walleye, Muskie, Northern etc, not all on fly rod but still great fishing in the Susquehanna. I remember seeing people around Berwick catching large Browns in the River where the colder streams come in. One more day and I will be up there fishing, I heard the creeks are pretty low., but try I will. Are you from PA, Conehead?
  2. Crusty, a good area is near Benton Pa , Fishing Creek, west of Berwick. A good site to get a stream report is http://www.fishingcreekangler.com/. I know there are a lot of good streams on the other side of the river from Berwick ( I worked on the nuke plant there in the seventies) , but can't remember the names and the lehigh river is near White Haven PA is not too far. Great fishing in that State Park near White Haven, Forgot the name. A good book for PA is by Dwight Landis, TROUT STREAMS OF PA, he tells where to park. Very good guide. I am headed to Benton Thursday June 30th. Live in NC now, good fishing here to. But any day fishing beats working right?
  3. Hey Montcopo, I will be visiting PA Thursday, June 30th, near Benton Pa, Columbia/ Sullivan county. Where do you call home? I grew up around harrisburg. This is a great forum just joined and have met a lot of good people already. I live in NC now. Great fishing here to. Of course any fishing is better than work right? Greg aka Reddbyrd
  4. Blueman, the furthest West in PA I have fished has been in Huntington County. A place called Whipple dam State park, Laurel Creek I think, as a matter of fact it was on a whim and I caught a PA citation size Brookie, which I have mounted. You all are going to think I keep everything. I think he was 18 1/2 " 2lb 8 oz. Are you from western PA? Coincidently I just applied for a job in Pittsburgh with the Mine Reclamation Bureau, and got a reply. So if it happens I will need some fishing info from you, Ha!
  5. whoops sorry I posted the fish on the gallery, under reedbyrd
  6. Graham, here is the Brown, I feel somewhat guilty about harvesting him but I had won a free mount in a drawing at the NC bowhunters festival from a taxidermist and couldn't resist the hook jaw. Besides I realeased 14 other fish that day and I need a mount for my cabin!
  7. I will let you Know, I have a buddy who was in the Big Rock Marlin tournament, he says the blues and spanish are there. I will let you know how I do.
  8. I am originally from Central PA, started flyfishing a long time ago 45 years +/- Probably cut my teeth on the Yellow Breeches, and some other North Central PA streams. I really have just started getting serious again since moving to North Carolina and realizing there really are trout in them thar mountains. Just started saltwater fly fishing. will try this weekend near Harker's Island area. I have built a cabin in North Western NC, and have really had a good year fishing up there. I caught a 3lb 2 oz Brown Trout Memorial day. Biggest for me so far in NC. I will be in PA for the fourth of July, Fishing Creek, Columbia County for one. Maybe Penn's Creek in Centre County. Look to have a great time. Dream of fishing Montana or Idaho before I can't fish anymore. Well I am rambling. If you ever want to fish let me know we will make it work! [email protected] Your New Bud, ReddByrd (Beard used to be red, now is white, go figure)
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