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  1. I will take one each of the following 1 - Original "Flytyingforum.com" - Metro Blue 1 - Hatches Magazine Olive All in size XLarge $16 x 2 + $3.00 = $35 Total Thanks....Keven
  2. Received my flies thanks again for hosting
  3. Flies are in the mail coming you're way Blane. Thanks for hosting the swap!
  4. Nice!.......I really like the BW photos. I could never imagine attending school in such a place, only if the walls could talk.
  5. I'm in if there still room....TBD on fly
  6. popperfly


    Nice looking fly....they already hit us hard here in middle Tennessee, all over our trees.
  7. Nice fly and photos.....looks like the fly is floating
  8. popperfly


    From my past experiences with thinning epoxy I would only use about 5% to 10% mixture and a slow hardener so that the alcohol has time to flash off. This could be the problem of being sticky to the touch, too much alcohol and to fast of cure.
  9. I would say I average 100 + days a year fishing trout here in Tennessee. One good thing about living here you can pretty much fish year round.
  10. I am rather new to the site so I never really got to explore the old site 100% but I like the new look......Thanks for all your hard work Will for making all this happen for our learning and enjoyment here on FTF
  11. I would also like to offer sending you some flies?? I hate stuff like that, when caught, fingers should be removed from hand
  12. Wow!! how cool is that, what is the covering material??
  13. I just want to clear up something that took me totally by surprise today and I felt pretty offended by this person remarks, this is what was quoted “I think this guy is another who's joined specially to take advantage of our generosity (after a freebee never to be seen again) - take note that he posed this the day he joined and has made no other posts - I have shed loads of of spare JC but I would rather burn it than send it to someone who's trying to take advantage” I joined the forum to learn from the wealth of information brought to this forum by the season veterans of fly tying, not for handouts nor to take advantage of anyone’s generosity. If this person would have checked he could of seen I have been a member since Nov 14, 2010 and I have all my personal information listed about me, the person that wrote this is one of those seasons’ veterans I am speaking about and I never expected that kind of treatment from any senior member that has over 5000 post. To set the record straight I have made a couple of post and replies, just because someone doesn’t post every 10 minutes doesn’t mean they are here to take advantage of anyone or looking for freebees, I don’t believe in charging in like a bull and taking over the forum with post and replies. I visit the forum on a daily bases and read several of the members post and thank you for sharing your knowledge by the way. I meet the owner of the site at the Midwest fly fishing show last month and I stated to him I really like this site, well if this is the treatment or welcome a person receives then I guess I will need to evaluate it a little closer. I belong to several other fly fishing forums and I am very active in them, so for looking for freebee you have the wrong person, most of the time I'm' the one giving out the freebee's to different guys in need. I never asked for a hand out I clearly stated I would pay. So to this individual that feels this way, I would suggest before you go shooting off about someone get to know them first and maybe send them a PM or post, like "Welcome to the forum"
  14. Nice looking fly, I really like the pattern
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