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  1. Please send me your address, I will see what I can do? I have to check and see what Bass flies I can tie. Maybe some hoppers or crickets or some type of caddis. Maybe try to figure out a way to add pink to one of these patterns. Flytyman1
  2. Received my flies in the mail today. Great job everyone, what a great looking set of flies. I am anxious to use some of them the first chance I get. Thank you Bob for conducting this swap, and thank you to all the others swap members for tying such awesome flies. Good luck fishing the flies and tight lines. I hope to be able to participate in more swaps in the future with other Forum members as talented as all of you! Thanks again! flytyman1 P.S. Did you like the extra flies I sent you?
  3. Flies are in the mail, hope they make it on time! Sorry for the delay!
  4. Working on flies now Bob, in the middle of some home remodeling, should be ready to ship next week. Could you send me your address so I can get shipping envelope ready? Thank you!
  5. The body is grey thread overwrapped with narrow strip of vinyl cut from a disposable vinyl glove. This gives the body a translucent look. The tail is z-lon burned at end to create a tailing shuck. The wings are dun CDC and the legs are dark grey goose biots. Finish head/thorax with grey dubbing. The fly is very durable and deadly when fished in tandem with a generic nymph pattern.
  6. Made up my mind on a pattern, it is one I haven't tied up for a while, need some for my own box so why not tie up a dozen more once I get started. I am going to be tying a #14 Adams Caddis pattern. Good all round style caddis pattern that will imitate a variety of caddis and has always worked well for me on the waters here in PA.
  7. I haven't joined in on any swaps for a few years, but I would like to be a part of your swap so consider me in. Fly pattern TBD, but it will probably be some type of CDC emerger or a traditional Catskill dry fly pattern. flytyman1 Glenn
  8. I got some discouraging news this past Friday. Due to constraints on the amount of people helping out at the event, I will not be able to attend event and help out or give a tying demonstration. The sponsor of the event had already picked the people he wanted to attend and help out, "very disappointing!" Therefore on Saturday I had mailed the fly boxes to the PHWFF coordinator in New York to be handed out at the event. Here are some pictures of the fly boxes going to the veterans at the Spruce Creek, PA event. I will let you all know when they post pictures from the event on the VANY/PHWFF website. There should also be a thank you to the Fly Tying Forum for their donation of flies and boxes to the event on the website also. Here are the pictures of the boxes and flies that all the Forum tyers donated. Thank you all again for your support for this PHWFF swap/donation! flytyman1
  9. :D :D Received 5 sets of beautifully tied pumpkinkheads today from jhn.knt. Thanks for your generous donation to the PHWFF fly boxes for the vets, they look great in the boxes besides all the flies that were donated for this worthy cause. I'm sure the vets will put them to good use. That now completes all the flies that are going in the boxes. Thank you to all who donated flies for this PHWFF project/event. I'll try to post pictures from the event as I can, and I'll post pictues of the fly boxes as soon I get time. I still have alot of fly tying materials to get ready to give to the vets who are now tying flies. Everyone's support is greatly appreciated, I could not have done this project without all the support that has been given by all of the talented tyers of the Forum! You are all awesome! I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Thank you all, on behalf of myself and PHWFF. flytyman1
  10. Yes, you are the last set of flies I am waiting on. I'll let you know as soon as they arrive! flytyman1
  11. :D Received your flies today, thanks for being part of the PHWFF fly swap, your donation of flies is appreciated very much and will look great along with all the othre flies that were donated. I only have one person to receive flies from yet, there were quite a few who signed up to give flies that never responded or sent their flies. But thanks to everyone who did respond the fly boxes are looking very nice and will be a nice thank you and appreciation to the vets they are going to. Thanks again for participating, your dontion is appreciated very much! flytyman1
  12. :D Received flies today from David McVey and RichMc. Thanks for particpating and donating to this worthy cause, The flies are a very nice addition to the PHWFF fly boxes. Tight lines and God Bless! flytyman1
  13. :D Received 2 dozen beautifully tied flies today from Crackleback. The Cracklebacks and Klinghamers look great! Thanks for your particpation and support for our PHWFF vets. flytyman1
  14. Received a doz. assorted soft hackles today from NJAllDay. Thanks for your donation and participation in this PHWFF swap/project, it is appreciated very much! flytyman1
  15. :) Received two excellent sets of flies yesterday from awltoga. The Parachute Adams and Black Ghosts arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your donations and participation in this PHWFF swap/project, the flies look great and are appreciated very much. They will look great along with all the other flies in the boxes for the PHWFF vets. Thanks again! flytyman1
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