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  1. Here is a pretty simple intruder pattern that doesn't take 45mins of brushing loops or any real complicated steps Easy to swap colors and size for various species Single station, but still a good profile and lots of movement Shank - 35mm Partridge Waddington Shank Hook - Partridge z4 intruder hook Rear - Pink Ice dub Body - Opal Mylar Tinsel Shoulder - Arctic fox Wing - Ostrich/ Flash/ marabou
  2. good idea, i'm just used to tying in normal orientation, didn't think to rotate Do you find that its easier to tie parachutes with the vise rotated?
  3. KHoss


    Here is the review from Hatches from a few years back This is the standard build http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2011/10/12/the-j-vise/
  4. Do you tie off the hackle on the post? what about for your whip fishing? on the post as well? Here is a video a did on a parachute BWO I tied the hackle off on the post, but whip finished at the hook eye
  5. Micro Intruder is an oxymoron tying style like the big and bold steelhead intruders, but just sized down to a single station steelhead, trout, bass... i think it would work for all let me know what you think
  6. Here is a Quill Emerger using a Synthetic Quill The video shows the far right pattern, but you can easily take out some materials for the different stages shown
  7. New Article on the Hatches site with a full walk through of framing flies and building a custom frame check it out http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2017/01/29/how-to-frame-flies-in-a-shadow-box/
  8. What is a Waddington Shank? I get that question a lot, and in this video you can have a closer look... Waddington Shanks have been around since the early 1950s but have really increased in popularity the past few years with the rise of Intruder style flies and large streamers. One of the fundamental features of an Intruder fly is the ability to have a large profile fly with a small hook. The small hook allows for less leverage to pull the hook while fighting fish.
  9. Here is my variation on the intruder. True to the original pattern, it is a 2 station fly. But my material choice and the waddigton shank platform are a bit different. This one was tied for winter steelhead... but you can easily change color combo and size to meet your needs
  10. thanks for the feedback - I need to look into an ultrasonic cleaner - I'll admit i was a bit "gentle" on this one.... most of my experience is with leaded Hardy reels, which are not as forgiving as the enamel reel in the video..
  11. Here is a video I did of the process for cleaning and servicing a vintage fly reel I can be kind of intimidating to break down and clean reels, especially older ones that don't have instructions. Let me know what you think on the process
  12. This fly has been my solid go-to for the past few years on the Great Lakes
  13. Steelhead or trout this might be the easiest fly to tie... 1 material check it out
  14. aaaaannnnd back to reality Here is some info on the Fugly packer http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2012/08/22/sf-fugly-packer-by-super-fly/
  15. thanks Rocco Yeah, this has be great on GL (south Lake Erie) Steelhead. I actually first tied these on 15mm wadding tons, but bumped up to a 25mm to give some more weight and bit larger profile. That reverse under wing really keeps the fly open and allows for tons of movement... and there is just the right amount of flash moving between the shank and the wing. the JC eyes are a personal preference, but they look great in the water
  16. retrocarp there are 2 stations to the fly..each pretty much the same the hardware is a 45mm waddington shank with a partridge z4 intruder hook spun and brushed dubbing loop 2 turns of black schlappen ostrich lady amhurst tail fibers gold flat braid separates the 2 stations there is seal substitute on the head and some weighted eyes
  17. Thanks Bruce Hope all is well -Kevin
  18. Hey Haven't posted anything is a good bit. Here are some recent steelhead flies
  19. Here is a post we did on it a few years back with a video its a great sturdy bobbin http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/2011/01/02/rite-bobbin-half-hitch-mag/
  20. i have some it is not very ply-able and knots are a bit difficult to tie I'd recommend pliers for knots... it will tear up bare hands
  21. Regal revolution with the big game jaws... no question
  22. have you looked at the regal revolution?
  23. I noticed that the guide relationship appeared to be a bit different that in the US That said.... Emil has been outstanding in communication and arrangements Through my travels, I have never booked a guide... but local regs state all foreigners must fish with one prices are reasonable, Emil has been a great contact
  24. Hi David I am fishing and staying with Emil Pintar If you are stuck on the Skagit approach... I'd suggest swaping out the polly leaders for some 10' sections of T14 the poly leaders are density compensated with a taper that may hinder your attempts at turning over large flies the level sections of the T-material will have the mass to turn over the big flies an intermediate skagit head may also be something to consider.... the Rio iskagit has a floating rear section with INT up front... that paired with the right tip should help keep flies down (just my opinion) Good luck to you as well... hopefully we both end up touching a trophy!
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