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  1. I've got 4 dogs that are in my tying room most of the time. I vacuum everyday in hopes of it removing any hooks that are loose and could be picked up by the dogs but sticking them in the nose or mouth is now at the lower end of my worry list.

    Back int the early summer my wifes Pomeranian got into we think was rat poison while sniffing around the neighbors house, after several gut wrenching days we had the dog put down. This was my wifes baby so I talked her into getting another puppy about a week later. After a full day of looking at puppy pictures on breeder web sites she decided on a Mini Dachshund. We named him Beanee Weenee, yes he's a Weenie Dog so I thought the name was too cool. Cute little guy fit in very well with my bigger dogs (Lab &Rotti) despite his small size. 2 weeks after getting the pup everything was settling down I spent a day fishing the Sulpher hatch on the Hiawassee River I returned and hung my vest on the back of my tying bench chair. Unfortunately I had left a double rig Sulpher soft hackle hooked on the fly patch. I found the puppy with 10" of the 16" double rig hanging out of his mouth. With everything that my wife had been through I rushed the puppy to the vet. X-rays showed the hook attached in his stomach which I figured would dissolve on its own, but with what happened only 3weeks before I had to get the puppy taken care of. So after a $800 surgery the puppy is fine. He's a registered dog that was $400 with the vet bill he's now a $1,200 dog.


    Yup - this is the kind of thing I want to avoid. Thanks for relaying this story.

  2. Hi all - first-time post here. Not exactly a weighty subject, but ...


    I've got two pugs. I didn't have dogs when I used to tie a lot back 8-10 years ago, but I'm getting my tying cranked up again now. My question is concerned with having two small dogs around the house who love to run their faces/noses along the floor to sniff/inspect anything they might find. My concern is that they'll find an errant fly or hook laying on the carpet, give it a few licks or sniffs, and then be badly hooked. Of course, de-barbed hooks would help, but at that point the damage might be done, and the last thing I want is to have them swallow a hook or fly.


    I thought I'd post this to see if anyone might be able to offer something on this that I perhaps haven't thought about. My only solution has been to do all my tying in a room that's permanently closed off to the dogs. Which is a bummer, because there's a space that I'd really like to set up my bench in, but it's out in an open area that would be impossible to block the dog's access.


    Any clever suggestions on this one?




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