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  1. Sorry about the delay, but I was wondering if there were any shirts left? I have been lazy about getting on here. Hunting season took up all my free time. Thanks,
  2. Firefighter/Paramedic here. Just got promoted to Engineer, so now I drive and operate the Engine.
  3. Could have said it better myself. Great Tip!!!
  4. I second that! Thanks for the Idea....
  5. I agree with everyone else said. AWESOME SITE! I can tell you how much I have learned here and the support is great! Welcome to the site...
  6. I am targeting Largemouth Bass. I find that I have more luck with these.
  7. :thumbup: Here y'all go. They're not wall hangers, but they sure are fun to catch on top water. It fished great! Better then the store bought one a I got. :yahoo:
  8. Sign me up for one Large Olive. How are we going to pay for these? Money Order, Check, PayPals? :dunno:
  9. Yeah, let us know how it fishes. Looking for new bait fish to try.:thumbsup:
  10. :thumbup:I normal go to the craft store with my wife in tow. It doesn't look so bad. She also knows what I'm looking for so she goes without me sometimes. Nice to be married every now and then. It's not just Ace. You can find good stuff at any hardware store.
  11. I will get one for sure!!! Can never have to many t-shirts...
  12. I have been doing this for a while with recipes and started doing this with my Fly patterns. WORKS GREAT!!! :headbang:
  13. I agree with everyone else. Nothing better then catching a fish with something you made.
  14. Thanks! I was wondering how to do that. I will do that on the next one...
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