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  1. We had a friend in Ontario that whenever it cold below freezing here we would tell him to go check the barb wire boarder fence for a broken strand.... We're frozen up here this morning, but had planned on it.... At least we can run off the campers onboard tank. There calling for up to an inch of ice here tonight into tomorrow. 

  2. On 8/24/2020 at 7:45 AM, Bill_729 said:

    Does Patrick F. McManus count?  (You started late, so you may not know who that is, but others will tell you).

    No he doesn't.... But I'll give Rancid Crabtree some credit. 

    I really dont remember my 1st time fishing, or my 1st fish... thinking it was a yellow perch from pond fishing with my grandfather about 5 or 6. But I do remember my 1st on a fly. I grew up about 200 yards from the Esopus Creek in NY and me and my trusty Zebco 77 tossing spinners gave the trout a good workout. Was around many of the visiting purist fly guys that would fuss at me for keeping fish... wearing jeans, canvas sneakers,  wet wading and Y branch with trout hanging off my belt....this 10 year old kid mostly out-fished them. My stepfather had and old bamboo fly rod but never seen him use it, and I was forbidden to touch it... At 11 or 12 went to a YMCA camp on a boy scout trip, and one of the class choices was fly fishing and tying. I didn't catch anything .... outside the driving desire to catch something on a fly rod..... but where could I get one????? wait ... the old bamboo one thats in the basement that never gets used... I caught something alright... Stepdads belt... back then it was called discipline not child abuse... Then the SOB had the balls to introduce me to a few folks needing work done, cut grass picking up yard stuff ect and told me to buy my own stuff.... Again today its called abuse.... so at the ripe old age of 13,  I spent my entire life savings (about $30) on a flyrod kit, you know , the broomstick kind 9ft 8wt... still have it LOL... So now here I go... off to super slow start... almost broke the damn thing across my knee a few times... and it got tossed into the creek more than once... The watching purist got there laughs out of my attempts....Then it happened.... Was in Fleischmanns  NY visiting family Sunday afternoon and took a few minutes to fish the creek behind the town park. Small creek with a little rapid running into a pool about 20 foot across. I toss my #10 Adams dry just above the rapid and let it drift down into the pool...  Just as I started to lift,  the water EXPLODES!  I missed him... I spent the next few minutes repeating the drift when again.... BOOM.... FISH ON.... and what a fish it was... several runs and jumps.... I'm sure hes gonna break off. I end up walking in the creek following him upstream (and in my Sunday church clothes.... more child abuse followed) before finally dragging out an 18 inch Rainbow... biggest fish of my life up to that point by far. I was shaking I was so excited...  My next purchase was a landing net.....

  3. Thanks D.... My line of work more than reinforces the idea of taking time to enjoy this life before its over. and very lucky that i'm 5 minutes from great warmwater fishing, same river above the lake, 15 minute drive and have trout to case... lake itself is aint bad either.  90% of my latest fishing has been below the dam , stopping on the way home iF the waters not running or after helping stock trout. 

  4. My hunting for the last 20 years has been basically Does in the front yard IF the was room in the freezer. horns dont make good soup.

    Our new place is next to an apple orchard, and I was placed on the deprivation permit... legal spotlight hunting, just requested I lets the Bucks walk.

  5. On 5/12/2016 at 4:42 AM, Bruce M said:

    At Micheals or some other arts and craft shop they sell small round clear plastic dishes with screw on caps. These dishes all fit into an tray so they stay together.

    You can use a sharpie on a piece of tape to indicate what type of hook is inside.

    Yup.... got a few dozen... hooks beadheads chain .... work great

  6. 17 hours ago, DFoster said:

    I always feel guilty if I'm on a river with a project hanging over my head. 

    That's part of what's killing me, haven't fished but a few times in the past 2 years, only had the Kayak out one time since we moved 3 years ago. We had been camping about once a month, but only 4 trips last year. Only have 3 planned so far this year. 


  7. We are paying as we go, using 0% accounts on some stuff. Currently $1200 in debt.... Would have paid it off this month but Mama got her dream fridge for our new kitchen we don't yet have. Have all new doors and windows, plywood for roof and sides, most the electric supplies. Even metal roofing sitting on a trailer is paid for. So far we have about $12K invested... Including purchase price. 

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