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  1. OK the secret squirl pact worked and we got Riff back.....LOL...
  2. Glad to see Riff avalible to take my spot, he does some great work. BB thanks for having me....I be following along...
  3. Great collection showed up today...Thanks everyone.
  4. Folks, as much as I hate to, I need to drop out. just have to much stacked against me. My vise broke today and that basicly was the last straw...... Darrin
  5. Well My damn luck continues.......I almost posted an hour ago thats the flies were on there way....but figured with my luck lately something would go wrong.....and guess what... The post office is closed for Presidents Day! I'll be hitting the PO 1st thing in the morning.
  6. another fantastic set of flies showed up at my house yesterday.....Thanks everyone
  7. Zach, your ahead of Me at the moment....Everytime I have headed for the vise something falls into my lap or out of place. I have had the joy of watching our Grandson a bunch this week....forgot how hyper and curious a 13 month can be.
  8. I'm sorry for holding things up. Im trying to have them in the mail before Noon.
  9. Hey Folks...I'm sorry to be behind, January has not been kind to us. I am striving to have them in the mail by monday.
  10. A nice collection of flies arrived today...great work folks...looking forward to next year
  11. I'm going with a Carters Rubber Leg Dragon.... and then maybe not....Dreamcasters next post got me to realize its a Beadhead....not Beadchain....Back to looking
  12. I'm also wanting to get in on this...I could use some Hide and meat if your passing it along, But pass on the tail. Got on the bad list due to buying Vixen tail before. Let me know what Caliber you will be using, I can reload your spent rounds to ease your cost for passing this along...I'll even send back some jerky too, no freezer needed. Mikechell..love your idea and think that a rollcast may work well by bouncing the fly off the water. A sinking tip line may even work better as it should help pull it back down in its struggle to fly away. Darrin
  13. Have been for several years now...out of several boats. For our small local river I have a Old Town Vapor 10' sit in,Its kind of a PITA at times but love it.Have thought about adding a raised seat. I also have a Malibu X-Factor thats AWESOME...can paddle and cast while standing in moving current!
  14. Been thinking about it, and came back to find the list is gone? was thinking about an Elkshair caddis for the dry.
  15. They are on the way. There is a small gift added as a thank you to everyone for a great swap. I figured everyone that ties for the little blues can put some to use.
  16. WOW.....and I mean WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great collection of bugs.When I opened it up I thought BB had somehow made a mistake....took alittle time but got the 29 bugs sorted out. I forgot about the extras...nice surprise...
  17. Thank You and looking forward to it
  18. I have mine set for an instant email for any swap I have been involved in.
  19. 1st off THANK YOU BB. I have no problem sending you my number, and look forward to swapping with you in the future, Club Single or fishing trip..... For Dec my most sucsessfull fly...and it was a mistake...inverted beadchain clouser...yup tied mine upside down and it was a killer. To meet the previous swaps a Redazz Ant for the dubbing swap.
  20. Does this mean there will be a next year?
  21. Glad they made it....I passed along my 1st foam attempt anyway, didnt feel like cutting through the superglue.
  22. I hate to say it...but I messed up my spiders, got carried away with the super glue....so its back to the vise. I should have them out before friday.
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