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  1. NICE TYE YETAVON So I take it they made the trip ok? Darrin
  2. Good to hear they made it and made the grade looking forward to getting a collection back to assault the local fish with Darrin
  3. Thanks...Still waiting for mine to show....I bring the fly rod with me to the PO every day just in case they show Darrin
  4. Somedays I feel like the picture in gregfred's avitar! flytyman1 Some days I AM the picture in his Avitar :bugeyes: Darrin
  5. I'll Second that motion....just meet me at lake Murray Darrin
  6. well done my best to copy Davie McPhails style with what I had. they are ON the way Darrin ON is not spelled with an E
  7. Got some Sharks Caddis Larva ready to go...need an address Daiichi 1120 #10 4MM beadhead Off white antron with cream dubbing Peacock herl collar
  8. Apologies not needed, congrads on the job.good luck with the move.... Darrin
  9. I went with Crappy.....have tied a bunch of different stuff in the past year, and for the past month have jumped in a bunch of swaps to push myself to become better. so far I have had good feed back both from the swaps and a few locals that have seen my stuff. I plan to keep at the swaps untill they run me off. Darrin
  10. Glad to hear that Will is doing well. CFR and HOW are 2 great programs. had been wondering about the idea of getting a list of folks that would be willing and able to step up at the last minute to fill in a spot in a swap where someone dropped out due to various reasons. Darrin
  11. If you want in Darrin your in just PM me and let me know. I'll get them tied up and sent ASAP. If Sam still sends his just add mine out to the folks as an extra. Waiting and watching for report for a report from Li'l Dave Down Under...news reports so far sound like no one hurt bad but lots of damage. Darrin
  12. Looks good....still haven't had a chance to pick a pattern yet... Darrin
  13. Glad they made it and found acceptable Darrin
  14. Congrads on the job....I may be able to step in and fill yours shoes.... Darrin
  15. Now I see the "and more." Reminds me of the style of fly Davie McPhail ties up: Thanks for the kind words and input....added another pic as an edit to the post...my complete collection of every Tenkara I ever tied...10-14 dry hooks That video was played several times here this morning, good eye... Am looking forward to trying these on the Bream this spring...with regular fly gear Darrin
  16. My first attempt at a Tenkara, #10 Dry and more Any pointers?
  17. Having Never seen or heard of such style....Im up for the challenge If you will have me Darrin
  18. The east fork is above the Pepacton Reservoir in the Catskills of NY...grew up fishing the Esoupus over the Mountain in Big Indian, But my 1st trout on a fly rod was on the Bush Kill a trib for the East Delaware in Fleischmanns NY....behind the park in the swimming hole on an Adams Dry.....that had to be 75-76 .... Dave....best of luck with the weather... Darrin
  19. Hpoefully that will be OK with the swap host? Post back and let me know! Dont mind at all....and Thanks....just wish you had said something 24 hours ago and I would have sent 10 too.... Gregfred....where abouts you at on the Delaware. as a kid I fished a bunch of the east fork and tribs above Margaretville NY Darrin
  20. The standard question at the PO when shipping a package..."anything hazardous? I state "I hope so" Darrin
  21. your package landed at my doorstep this afternoon. Glad they made it....Hope those Cal I forn Yey Bass like 'em Darrin
  22. 15 Black Stone drys in #12 packaged , addressed and headed to the PO in the morning. Sir Dustin Thanks for letting me back in to play Darrin
  23. BNB I cant give in on this one :yahoo: Mine are done and waiting to go... A BAUN Pheasent tail Nymph.... I tied this in an 3X 8 for SM and Bream in the river big and heavy.A friend looked at one and remarked " D**m thats a Big Azzed Ugly Nymph... this one is on a #10 Daiichi 1273 Darrin
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