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  1. Nice tie. How big is it, I saw it was tied on 7/0
  2. Here's a video i found that shows how fast conditions on a river can actually change
  3. Here's a Frankenstein of mine for you to enjoy: Egg Sucking Stone Hook : curved shank #8 Tail : goose biots Abdomen : black dubbing Thorax : more black dubbing Legs : thin black rubber strands Egg : egg yarn trimmed to an eggish shape
  4. I'm writing an essay on the effects of pollution on rivers for my advanced comp. class and i would appreciate some input from people that may have experienced these problem and could give some insight.
  5. I got a new pair of curved scissors for deer hair and three bass pro gift cards so there is going to be more stuff coming pretty soon.
  6. If I have the radio on it's usually Q101.1, Chicago's alternative, or my ipod on shuffle
  7. I run sprints in track and I was looking through an old track program, that my coach had from the 70's, and the sprinters were called Dashmen back then. I figured it sounded cooler than sprinter so why not.
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