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  1. Here is what I use. Color variant of a moto's minnow. I do several colors. Easy to tie. MWL
  2. Anyone FF for carp? I was fishing a local pond the other night. There was a ton of large carp. They where just moving around the surface. Sometimes looked like they were sipping air. I have caught a few carp in my life by accident. Anyway, does anyone have any info on this? Can they be caught while cruising along the top? I tried fishing under them with a small crayfish but no luck. Thanks, MWL
  3. I spray them with clear lacquer or poly. Works well for me. Very fast dries fast. MWL
  4. Maxima clear, last 2 or 3 sections ultra green. depending on what type of fishing. Salt water all clear Maxima. MWL
  5. I have been FF for 42 years. I can't remember when I started de barbing hooks. But it's been a really long time. I really don't believe a barb helps you in any type of fishing. I have caught more than 200 Tarpon on fly, never 1 with a barb. I feel you get a better "deeper" hook up. Again I have caught every thing from Tuna to trout. Some guys may disagree and that's fine. But for me no barbs ever. And as some of the fellows mentioned, if you should stick one in your self or a buddy, you will be glad if there is no barb. Just my opinion. MWL
  6. Pheasant tail variant. size 16. MWl
  7. Thanks guys for your advice. Sounds to me I should just do what I do best which is either swing a streamer or bounce a nymph. Thanks, MWL
  8. I need a little advice. I will be going steelhead fishing in mid March on the Salmon River. Weather and water level pending. Anyway, could someone give me some suggestions for flies? I am getting conflicting results. Some guys are telling me fish more natural types this time of year. Such as black stones. Other folks are suggesting using brightly colored flies or streamers. Not looking to get your secrete patterns just some solid info. Thanks, MWL
  9. Please bear with me guys. I know it is the same fly different angle. I am just learning how to do this. Thanks, MWL
  10. Hi Guys, I have not posted in a while. Thought I would share one of my flies. This is my favorite Golden Stonefly nymph. Also the first time I have tried posting a pic. Please feel free to tell me how I could improve posting pics. Thanks, MWL
  11. Jhammer, sorry to hear about your health issue. If you may be interested. My Neice has MS. Dr's put her on some very leathal medication, it was awful for her. She started seeing a holistic Dr. He has helped her tremendously. She has not taken any meds for 2 yrs. now and is doing amazingly well. For her it was all about diet excercise and supplements. Many people with Ms have multiple food allergies and don't even know it. if you have any intrest let me know. I could give you the Dr's name and I am sure he could hook you up with someone in your area. Good luck and God bless, MWL
  12. Clemmy, I don't know if anyone is still making it. But you can get it. Lots of people deal in vintage materials. I have lots of it in several sizes in gold and silver. I do use it and often. It is just fun to use. I used to tie full dressed flies and came across someone who was selling a collection. I bought all their tinsel and lots of feathers. I don't do full dressed flies anymore, so I sold most of the feathers but I kept all the tinsel. are you looking for some or just curious? MWL
  13. Nice tie, good job on the body. Is that a quill? MWL
  14. Never tried those. But nice tie! MWL
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