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  1. Thanks guys, was essentially just looking for ideas for new fly patterns. Will have to grab a bunch of weeds and see what I can find in them come Summer.
  2. You guys mentioned lines, so thought I would ask... I seen one of you mention that Rio had discontinued the "warmwater" series of lines, which makes sense because when I was searching for a new line the other day, I couldn't find a single fly line designed for warm water in a 3 weight from any of the companies. I ended up ordering a 3 weight Scientific Anglers Textured GPX fly line because it was at least listed for temperate water conditions, but it will likely become extremely soft on those really hot Summer days as well. Does anyone know of a warmwater 3 weight line?
  3. Thanks! I will keep an eye out, but if you can remember, when you do another Bluegill swap, just count me in! Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Some wonderful looking flies in this swap, is there any plans for another Bluegill swap anytime soon?
  5. I thought some of you may find this interesting so thought I would share. I have for a long time been searching for a nice journal to log my outings in. I have finally found one that I really like and the best part is it's made right here in Michigan. Here is a link: http://michigan-made.com/journals-unlimite...ishing-journal/ I have nothing to do with the company, just was excited to see such a cool journal, thought some of you may be interested. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. I use a Scott G2 8'4" 3 weight for Bluegill fishing, doubles as a nice Brook Trout rod. Expensive, but well worth it in my opinion. I also use a 8' 4 weight fiberglass rod I bought at a garage sale for $10 a lot, there is no name on it so have no idea what company made it, but a fun rod.
  7. To me there is nothing finer than a day strolling through the shallows in my canoe getting Bluegills on surface flies with my 3 weight...
  8. I used to play on a hockey league in Levack just a ways North of Sudbury during the Summer when I was a younger lad. The fishing up there is outstanding! Lots of Brook Trout streams, great lakes loaded with Northern Pike and Smallmouth. I always hated going to play hockey because I enjoyed the fishing up there so much more. Sure would like to go back someday...
  9. Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I have been looking for something for quite some time now and just have not been able to find it, thought this may be a good place to ask if there is such a thing. I am looking for a book which would discuss and show photos of the various bugs that would live in Michigan lakes "or lakes similar to those in Michigan", specifically the warmwater type lakes that would be suitable for species like Bluegill. Essentially I am just looking to learn about the diet of Bluegills and get some ideas for fly patterns to tie for them, plus would like to learn a little something about the organisms that make up the food chain on these types of lakes. Does anyone know of such a book or resource? Thanks in advance!
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