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  1. here's a simple emerger pattern that works well for mayflies and midges.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go. they're often pretty picky about caddis dries out here.
  3. pull them off rather than cut them off...it gives you a few extra millimeters of stuff to hang onto with the hackle pliers.
  4. Never set your wading boots out any other way than they'll look on your feet. If you cross em in the garage before you head out, show's over.
  5. Sometimes you can throw a half hitch right next to what ever you're about to tie on next...it may keep any loose previous wraps from loosening up what you're about to add in.
  6. some of it may depend on what you're tying it to...if there's a layer of dubbing or even some thread wraps underneath where you tie in the hair, it works better.
  7. I hope it's almost over. I began boycotting the stuff as soon as it started. Started tying mostly with cdc and deer hair to avoid having to use it. This is a favorite that the shortage of hackle inspired...a no hackle cdc "hackle stacker"
  8. There's still a ton of nice leather in that hide, no matter how smelly and gross it seems to be. Check out this website...http://www.braintan.com/ It's really pretty easy to make some nice buckskin with a little elbow grease, smoke, and some chicken eggs.
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