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  1. Welcome Mainehunt. Nice to see another New Englander on this site. I'm from New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. Also a teacher and love having the summers off to fish. I go out on the lake here most every day or fish the local streams and ponds. Finaddiction
  2. Those are some great an informative videos. I've never seen him before. Thanks for sharing the link.
  3. I have one that I recently started finaddiction-fishing.blogspot.com
  4. Hello from snowy New Hampshire. My name is Dave and I've been exploring this site for about a month. What a fantastic site. Everything a fly fisherman could want all in one spot. I've been fly fishing and tying off and on for about 15 years but have really gotten into it the past couple. My favorite fish to catch are trout but any fish fish that will bite my flies gives my a thrill. Now that it's winter I tie quite often so plan to post photos.
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