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  1. well thanks for the positive remarks, i was looking for a critique but compliments are always nice aswell. Its always nice to see what others think of your work. As far as the data base thing i have never contributed before but maybe i should start, thanks for the hint haha. have a great new year
  2. here are a few flies i have tied the past evening. looking forward to some input on the flies i have tied!
  3. They have been mailed except for a few that are going to be mailed from the states later this week as they have aamerican postage. Let me know when they have all been received and hopefully they arrive soon! thanks for particpating everyone :headbang: Kevin
  4. Recieved lionus's flies today, I will be sorting them all and mailing them by beggining of next week. I will post when they have been dropped off at the post office, Thanks again to everyone and please post when you have received them! Kevin
  5. they are yours we are waiting for sorry, aslong as no one minds we can wait, Hopefully they will come this week because I would hate to send a swap out with missing flies. I will keep everyone updated and let you know when they come in. If everyone does not mind waiting on this set so i can send it out complete that would be great. Thanks for keeping us posted lionus. thanks again for everyones patience with this swap, Kevin :crying:
  6. good to know you recieved my ausable bombers, hope you get a chance to try them out soon! can't wait to see the results of this swap! thanks for hosting! Kevin
  7. mail came today and still no sign of the last set of flies, if they arrive next week i will post that they did, If they do not arrive by end of next week i may have to send them out without them. Thanks for everyones patience. kevin
  8. No, I haven't recieved them yet. Hopefully they will arrive this week.
  9. PM recieved, Thank you for taking it off the public thread and sending it in a PM. Again I understand how hard it is as SM to be waiting on flies as I am waiting on sets for my own swap I am hosting, But if you know that the mail wont be going out till monday you might aswell have waited. I think this could have been handled differently but nothing we can do now but move on. Hopefully none of this tarnish's anyones creditability as SM or as a member of a swap and we can all move on. Thanks again for hosting. Kevin
  10. I understand that deadlines are important to meet, but there is a difference between sending out swap flies with one set missing, when the person hasn't done them, and when they are just in the mail, and it is the fault of the post office. These ones were in the mail already, and on the way to you, and were sent priority. I think that only waiting a day for them to arrive in the mail is ridiculous. The ones that you sorted to send back to us are now sitting at a post office, and won't even leave there until Monday morning. You could have just waited a few extra hours even, and then we would have all of our flies from this swap, and they would be arriving at the same time as our now incomplete set. Kevin :wallbash:
  11. I also recieved the flies today, great job to everyone and thanks for the extra! Kevin
  12. not a big deal about tagging them but should be done next time lol the due date has come and just so everyone is updated i have everyones except for 2 people. the arrived list is updated so i will be a little late mailing out everyones flies as i have to wait on 2 sets. thanks for your patience everyone. - Kevin
  13. Recieved the flies today, Great job to everyone they look good. thanks Kevin
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