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  1. "For what it's worth the book is available on Amazon for $66 including free shipping." Unfortunately not to Australia. I'd kill for a paper copy but it will cost as much agin to ship to Tasmania. I even left hints all round the house at Christmas, circled magazines etc.... Nothing!!!
  2. Can anyone tell me the difference between a "Zonker Strip" and a "Cross cut strip". Both of these are on offer at the local fishing shop (and Ebay for that matter). As far as I can see they look the same, but then I'm a bit new to this game!! An excellent fly fishing season is over here in Tasmania, Australia :crying: Winter has arrived Ah well only 3 months to go until next season, that's a whole heap of fly tying time :wallbash:
  3. Can anyone recommend a True Rotary vice?
  4. Brent, Could you PM me at [email protected] please? Thanks Chris
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