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  1. I am a geologist, not a biologist, but be sure to collect where permissible. State and fededal parks often say no collecting without proper permits. Some insects are endangered but really should not be a problem for you. Just wanted to pass this along. I have long wanted to do the same as you, and i may yet do it.
  2. Are your portables still for sale?
  3. Thanks to everyone for the recommedations. Much appreciated!
  4. Rick, is there a way to preview your latest book (like amazon as an example)? It sure looks like what I am looking for. Thanks for the post.
  5. Rick, is there a way to preview your latest book (like amazon as an example)? It sure looks like what I am looking for. Thanks for the post.
  6. Thanks for the idea. I will have to look into this as well.
  7. Thanks for the title and recommendation. A quick look on the internet indicates this is a great book for my reference. Thanks!
  8. Sawcat, that book has wonderful photos! I am adding it to my library list as well. Thanks!
  9. Orange, I was FINALLY able to display what I hoped for in Amazon, and I do believe that book you suggested is great for my needs. Showed a BWO Spinner on one page and some flies on the opposite. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply! I have wondered about the Hatch Guide for NE Streams, but I can't view what I wish to see under amazon.com. I may order it anyway. Thanks!
  11. I am wanting to find a book or guide that shows an actual mayfly picture (or other insect), with a corresponding picture of a suggested fly. Possibly a book that has an actual insect on one page and a fly(s) on an opposite page, etc. I would welcome any comments or ideas. Thanks. -George
  12. DrVette, I am not 100% sure about ANYTHING, and it certainly sounds like you have the insights into Dr. Drums. After what you have said, I will go along with you. You have done quite well yourself from what you say. Bio AND chem, on top of the music... you got very little sleep many nights. I was EE and Geology, and that was tough enough for me. I also quit playing for various reasons about 15 years ago, but hearing Rush for a brief instant always brings a smile to my face. Brings back memories. And it is good to hear that we forum members share many common threads. Are you 100% sure that he wasn't awarded a PhD? When i was in USC I was talked into taking a music minor based on that. A prof gave me a copy of a book Neil had written on development of syncopation that was supposed to have actually been his dissertation (actually submitted to his former music/arts school in Canada on his behalf), for which he was granted a Doctorate in the mid 80s. I don't really know if that was an honorarium or general but i could have sworn we looked it up in an encyclopedia type book set that listed holders of graduate degrees. I looked up almost every other person i could imagine in there. I can't remember if any-thing was said about it at the drum clinic i attended in Denver that he was teaching and giving demos at??? :dunno: If he didn't, i got taken pretty hard on that (3years of carrying a minor while pulling a dbl major in bio/chem :ripped: ). I also have several other books he wrote on percussion around here some-where...I need to dig them up and see what they list under his accomplishments??? I even have several sheet music layouts of his earlier songs...those will drive you into the ground trying to play. Unfortunately i gave up playing 15+years ago. I doubt i could pull off his beginer methods now.
  13. Neil Peart is absolutely the greatest percussionist of all time. He actually doesn't have a PhD (long-time rumor), but he should! Been a fan since the late 70s and while I don't listen that much anymore, there will never be a replacement for Neil.
  14. Esutton


    Just curious... what type of kit were you given? I would be interested in something like that myself. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for making the tying classes possible and available. I hope to log on in the near future, as a real beginner tyer. Thanks also to all the experienced tyers who may decide to host a tying class. We need your experience!
  16. I still can't figure out exactly how to download the video files without installing the viewer software. Any assistance is welcomed.
  17. Bryce, of course such things can happen anywhere in the world. But when you are in a secluded area, you have to really use common sense. My neighbor ran one of the largest meth labs in the state, and when I found out, I wanted to report him. But I could not without fear of reprisal. The law soon discovered it when the door blew open. I have a 10-month old baby, and I will NOT risk unneccesary harm upon him or my wife. I was working on a mountain river when two dead bodies floated by. And on the Pigeon River, during an unrelated event, I saw what appeared to be a body being dumped from a bridge into the water below. Using God-given sense, I did not confront anyone, I just gathered what info I could as I drove on by, and made a phone call shortly thereafter. I am still alive, and the event was reported. And I sure as heck would not risk my life for a few fish. Worry about more important things, and do what you can when and where you can.
  18. Well, I must say that I know for a fact that it is possible to be shot at or placed at knifepoint in out-of-the way places. Seen and experienced it myself in the remote parts of the Smoky Mountains, TN/NC. I agree with kerusso on that. Sometimes it is NOT worth the risk to yourself, or more importantly, to you FAMILY, to turn in a poacher. If you can do it without becoming a target of the poacher, then perhaps give it a try. But don't be a crazy hero for something that while important, is not as important as living another day. Yes, people WILL kill or harm you. Been that way for thousands of years. And just ask an experienced wildlife officer or game warden. They have often seen it themselves.
  19. I am a geologist/geophysicist with a state DOT. Also mechatronics technician and experimentor.
  20. I called to check on this, and the Staples associate told me that it was not a clearance item. I wonder where you are getting your information...
  21. How long did it take you to tie this beautiful work of art? I am a beginner and have little idea of the time represented here.
  22. RUSH (Neil Peart is the greatest... he can play AND make music, plus most of the lyrics) Kenny Chesney (family friend, but I still like him, especially his older pre-Key West wannabe sound) Jimmy Martin Band (cousin, but still like his pickin) Boston (Tom S. with his elect eng. PhD and capabilities... what sounds) Judas Priest Iron Maiden Joe Satriani Rising Force Gatlin Brothers Wild Cherry
  23. I see that you are in Eastern NY. I was just up in Scotia, and visited a nice little sports shop there called Goldstock's. They have a really nice but small tying materials/equipment section. I was impressed... maybe you can visit them and get some ideas...
  24. Esutton

    My flies

    I am unable to view pictures of your fly/flies, so I can not comment on their appearance as you have requested. However, you need to read and then go back and read again everyone's replies and comments. These folks are world-class tyers in my opinion, and you will learn from their comments IF YOU READ THEM AND INCORPORATE WHAT THEY SAY INTO YOUR TYING. They will not steer you wrong. Repetition and practice, PLUS listening to and learning from experienced craftsmen, that is the key to increasing your requested ratings. In the end, this is totally in your control. Thanks to all of you who are providing valuable constructive criticism and tying hints. I and all the other newbies appreciate it.
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