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  1. I'll be fishing out of choko next week and I was wondering if anyone can give me a water clarity report. I've been watching the weather for the last few days but need a baseline to work with.
  2. Goats

    Car trouble.

    I was just in Spain a few weeks ago. I can understand why you miss it.
  3. Flats, most threads wonder off a bit and then get back on track. Telling people not to wonder or Hi jack is not likely to work and quickly gets people to start ignoring your posts.Not to mention Mike telling you about spelling was completely on topic as you asked us what we thought about your video and that was in the video. On the fly and video. Nice job keeping things moving. If I was tying it I would turn the Zonker strip over since the fly is going to ride point up on the bottom id want the fur up for movement. Figure eight around the eyes not only builds up a taper but helps protect the threads. One thing I noticed you never do, atleast not on camera is head cement or put something on the front threads. It helps alot with durability. I think you meant to use wander not "wonder", and "atleast" isn't a word. At least a bit ironic.
  4. You describe exactly the type of fishing I do. What did you use for your DIY. I fish out of a Trident Prowler. It had loads of snags, all around.....
  5. I'm a weekend warrior as far as fishing goes and I've heard that I'm in my "prime earning years" so time at the vise is usually between 3:00 and 4:30 am the morning of a pending trip so mostly its coffee or water for me just depends on whether or not I'll have time to stop for coffee on the way.
  6. Carp fly fishing has the potential to save urban fisheries all over the US.
  7. Biggest fish contests would a fun "tie-in" for a group of local chums fishing the same general waters.
  8. I have been skiff shopping for a few years and I wondering if anyone can give some feed back on these boats.
  9. I have already made and have used a stripping basket. I bought a Friskars leaf basket and cut a piece of plywood to match the bottom for weight. Worked well enough. Thanks for the advice Captain.
  10. My dad lives in Florida and has an Action Craft flats boat. He isn't a fly fisherman and the boat isn't outfitted with any fly fisherman specific improvements. I spend enough time fishing from the boat (when I leave the frozen north) to justify throwing some money at it to make it a better platform for me(selfish kid). I don't know the first thing about outfitting a flats boat and I was hoping someone could provide some insight into platform options. Do all platforms require modifications to the deck, and where would I find a good product and installer in the Punta Gorda area. The boat has a trolling motor.
  11. The support that a thief and a liar is receiving is bewildering to me.
  12. DJTrout sent me a message. OK, Goats, have it your way. Now you accuse me of low reading skills, this is consistent with your attitude. I told you before I read the entire thread, I've been following it. I never defended the guy, I just loathe your attitude. It isn't necessary to light a torch of hate to address these wrongdoings. But anyone has a right to their say, except according to you. Get it? I don't like your attitude. To the bottom line, others have posted civilly - but you cannot. I seem to disagree with your approach so now I'm defective. You flame me now because I disagree with you. Too bad. I am reporting you - you cannot express disagreement without being insulting. There's no place for this attitude on this site in my opinion. I don't really care what they do about it, but I'll have my say. As I said in my earlier post, I'm not dignifying this anymore on the public forum. You can rant to your heart's content.
  13. Invective: 1.vehement or violent denunciation, censure, or reproach. 2.a railing accusation; vituperation. 3. an insulting or abusive word or expression. adjective 4.vituperative; denunciatory; censoriously abusive. I'm not that smart so I thought just so that everyone is on the same page I would provide a definition of the word you used to describe our anger, or maybe just my anger towards the swapmiester. You pretty much nailed it. If I could, I would plunge into a George Carlin-style (RIP), profanity laced tirade full of "invective" character descriptors for Mr. Steve, but at this point it isn't gonna do much good, just like your continued defense of this guy. I contend by your responses that you have not read the thread or maybe your writing skills are more advanced then your reading comprehension skills so I have provided the highlights.
  14. The swapmiester's actions are beyond defense. Please read the entire thread before casting dirt upon those who's flies were STOLEN.
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