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  1. Not many east coast surf fisherman on this forum?
  2. I will be attending a wedding on Cape Cod, arriving on Friday the 13th and staying until the 16th. I will be taking my 9 and hoping to do some casting. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. West Michigan (Holland) raised, Dillon CO(7 years), Tucson AZ (2 years) and now back in Southeast MI. Welcome.
  4. Most magazines last me one good ---t and then they just collect dust. I would think that magazines made out a toilet paper grade material would be beneficial. Read 4 page story and then flush it with last night's burrito.
  5. I spend 90% of my fishing time during the months of July and August hunting Carp on the flats of Lake St. Clair, so this innovative pattern is intriguing to me and I also understand completely the significance of your first statement in the quote above. Well done.
  6. Nice observation. Are your hook-up rates increasing with this articulated set-up?
  7. I watched this video earlier and thought about how fly tyers would get a kick out of seeing all those bead chains eyes, but the experiment does nicely display a lesson in physics.
  8. This is a definitely an instance when pictures are not enough, we need VIDEO!!!
  9. HEY!! Whats wrong with tying letf handed. I do it all the time Kevin My grandfather told me that everyone is born left handed and remain left handed until they commit their first sin. He was left handed till the day he died at age 95.
  10. First submission to a "flies from the vice".... Top water pike fly for Lake St. Clair pike. Its still fishable after 4 pike.
  11. Like at a kid at Christmas.....I tore open a package to see a bounty of new patterns, not just to try on Lake St. Clair Flats crap but also to tie. First swap and it was fun. I'm sorry I didn't label my flies as stipulated I'll get the next time around. Thanks Eastern for hosting and thank you everyone else for the flies.
  12. I tie the night before I fish if I need something or want to try a new pattern. I tied a fly Friday night listening to the Tigers game on the radio, fished the same fly on Lake St. Clair the next morning going for top water pike. It worked, but the fly is now a tooth mark ridden mess.
  13. If I was Salty I would completely understand. You're doing the right thing. Please keep the extra one.
  14. Salty hasn't even logged in to the FTF since May 31st. I'd say he is definitely MIA.
  15. Did you get the rest of the flies?
  16. I sent my flies today-next day USPS, should be at your door by 2:00 pm tomorrow (Wednesday)
  17. Busted out 8 last night, finishing the rest tonight. Address please. Thanks, I am tying a crayfish pattern called the Woodstock Crayfish. I fish it in shallow clear water (Lake St. Clair Flats) but I darkened up the pattern and up sized the bead chain eyes for you darker-deeper-faster water guys.
  18. I am spending 2 hours at the vise for the next three nights, mailing Friday.
  19. If I handed instructions like this to my wife she would laugh and remind that "she doesn't buy me stuff I buy her stuff"
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