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  1. Thanks man, but I don't have the gas..... :hyst:
  2. We had to pick my topic to talk about jail and theft, huh? :hyst: Thats ok. I recently had one of my Soldiers get arrested for stealing tires/rims. He took them out of someone's yard, and then put them on his own vehicle. The funny part is that the wheels he stole were more bald than the ones he already had and he is still walking around a free man, of sorts! Question, though fellas: How big is too big as far as hook size, and what is the smallest I should go? I have seen some people using what looks like friggan grapling hooks and I have seen some guys using what apeared from a distance to be about a #6 or so. Also, what kinds of things can you tell me about leaders and tippet? I really feel like that is where I'm lacking the most. I know there can only be a four foot leader on a fly rod down there, but I'm concerned about line color and size of both the fly line as well as tippet and leader. I can't seem to figure out a good balance and still incorporate enough strength in the whole setup to hold up to the challenge.
  3. I have only been able to fish for Salmon on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY for two years, this being my second. Unfortunately due to our Country's current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have not even been consecutive years. I have collected bits of information from some of the locals and a few friends. Unfortunately, I think somewhere along the line I missed something crucial. Can anybody give me any suggestions? I'm looking for fly patterns per Species, importance of Line/Leader weight and colors, and presentation techniques. I realize that basically I'm asking how to catch a Salmon, but I really have no idea what I'm doing and feel that I owe more to the Fish. Anyway thanks in advance for any help you guys/gals can give me!
  4. Sorry for not being real specific. I did mean Centre county......I know its somewhere near Bellefonte, and Boalsburg. Thanks for the tid bits, if you guys find anything else out about current action out there, please let me know. My dad is the one I really want to see catch something worth while because he hasnt fly fished in many years. Im on my way out the door to Iraq in about 2 weeks, and we had an awesome time out on the opening day of trout this past year. I really want to see him have that much fun fishing again while Im home before I have to go back and leave him and my Mom for a year. Thanks guys! ~Wolf
  5. Im taking a trip to spring creek this weekend, need some pointers on where to go on the creek, and aside from hearing that it holds some big browns and Bows, I would like kind of an idea on exactly how the fishing really is. Thanks for anything you got guys!!! ~Wolf
  6. I'm from pennsylvania, and im taking a little weekend trip out to spring creek this coming weekend. Im familiar with the area, but not at all familiar with the creek or its fishing. I know it has some huge browns and rainbows in it, but I dont really know where on the creek is better than any other area. If anyone out there has anything for me, or has been there and has any fun stories about it, id appreciate if you could fill me in a bit. Thanx!! ~Wolf
  7. My dad is trying to find out all he can about steelhead. ie....: what they eat, what their tendencies are, when they are most likely to feed or strike.....etc. Anything you guys have for me is appreciated, thanks.
  8. That wont work with her, because videos drive her completely crazy....if I show her how to do something, she can pick it up real fast on her own by trial and error, but i think shes havin real trouble with the concept of the cast, and watching both ends at the same time. Im open to more tips if you got'em. Thanks guys!
  9. My little lady in waders is advancing right along in the wonderful joy of flyfishing. She is however having some difficulty getting her line to go out as far.....I tried to show her by holding her arms, and although it is cozy, it doesnt really work that well because her arms are signifigantly shorter than mine. Im sure somewhere out there, one of you gents would have good insight for me how to teach her or explain how it works? By the way guys a little update!!! two days ago she tied her first fly, it was a brown size 10 wooly worm. She was so proud of it that it quickly went into the box that we had to go and get for ....."HIM"..... heh heh..anyway, she seemed to really enjoy doing it, but i didnt know exactly how much she enjoyed it until she went out and bought herself a vice, tools, books, and materials on her day off. I came home from work and went to see her, and she had been sitting there creating all kinds of various little critters.....she did quite well at it too i gotta say. I love that little lady!! Take it easy guys and thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
  10. Im looking for some pictures that would really stand out if they were submitted to a photo gallery. We all know there are so many ways and places to see new and exciting photos, but there are always those ones that stand out in our minds that kind of set themselves apart from the rest. Im also looking for some photos to show my newest little fishing buddy exactly what kinds of things are out there to see that she maybe hasnt seen before....not to mention im a picture junky when it comes to anything outdoors.....Thanks guys!
  11. #10WhiteWolf


    Hey guys, I know this is probably a redundant question, but Id really like to see some interesting pics of places and events....Im kind of talking about scenary, like waterfalls and stuff, and huge fish, or animals doing weird things or in weird places, but they have to be from your own collection of pictures that you happened to see and catch while you were afield. Thanks guys.....any pics you have would be greatly appreciated.....send the pics to [email protected] thanks guys.
  12. Hey man, thats a really big loss...I am nuts about this girl. I couldnt imagine being married to someone that had as much fun as she and I do right now for a much longer time, and losing her to such an unforgiving beast....Im really sorry for you man! Thanks for telling me anyway though, these are all encouraging stories, and im glad to see that it is as amazing of an occurance as it seems to be.
  13. Good looking stuff....i love the pics the best.
  14. Just wanted to throw that one out there just to see if maybe there was something I could do to make things even better. I know im a lucky little bastard though, beleive me that I am aware of that. And the hiking and camping and all that sort is a given....thanks for workin with me on this one guys!!!
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