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  1. This is my version of the squidro fly. I used a #2 Gama. stinger hook attached with fly backing. The first hook is actually a cotter pin, I like using those. The eye is a large hourglass nickel eye. the back skirt is is a blue with silver flake, the front is a black with blue barred and sliver flake. I use black dubbing under the skirts and black saddle hackle in front of the skirts. and I use blue saddle hackle tips for the feather just behind the eyes. This is my first attempt at this...
  2. I love the cotter pins!! Firdt you don't waste a hook. Second, they weigh more so you really don't need to add lead wire. Third, they cost less than hooks. I buy mine in bulk from Lowes. Yes you can still use cones or you can also use bead chain for eyes. Can't wait for the ice to thaw some!!
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by aufevermike: Kenai Lantern
  4. I'm another happy customer of Allenflyfishing.com hooks... how can you beat his deal???
  5. I'd like to chime in here as well. As a beginner fly tyer I didn't have much to go on as far as hooks go. I have caught many large fish on heavier tackle but this year is my first at fly fishing. Living in Alaska I'm sure I will put the hooks to the ultimate test. I ordered several hundred hooks from Allen recently and they took less than a week to arrive and that was to Alaska. of all the hooks I did not see one deformed or damaged. I can say this, they stick into my fingers pretty good. Trust me they will penetrate a fished mouth. Anyway, keep up the good business and great communication, it is important. Thank you again, Mike
  6. I first tie on the stinger hook a 1/3 hook length of .020 lead wire. Secure and then tie on a single maribou hackel of desired color. Continue wraping hackle. You may need 2 or 3 hackles in order to cover the shank. Tie off and whip finish the head. Next thread in the6 inch piece of 20# fly linbacking or mono line. Then insert your threader to pull the other end through the eye. Careful not to pull it all the way through. You need to pull the end loop over the hook and then pull the 2 ends tight to secure. Remove from vice. Now take the cotter pin and put the 6mm bead head on. then insert the pin into the vice. Cover the shank of the pin from behind the bead to the end of the vice jaws. Put on some head cement on the length of the pin and wrap the 2 ends of the fly backing leaving the hook about a 1/4 of an inch from the pin. Fold over the remaining fly line backing and wrap that to the jaws. Again follow the same as in the first hook with the maribou. However when you get to the 1/2 way point down the pin tie in a length of krystal fly on one side the fold over and tie in on the otherside. Tie in aonther maribou and continue till y ou reach the bead. Whip finish then add Hard as nails or head cement.
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by aufevermike: Maribou articulated Leech
  8. Here is an idea that I acted upon from a lady that posted Craig's list. Her add was "Attention fly tiers" When I opened it up she wanted a fly tied in the shape of a heart. I was bored so what the heck. She was impressed and bought one of them for $5, the other one goes to my wife...
  9. Just want to say hi to everyone. I have been fishing for most of my life using bait and bigger metal tackle. However iI need a new challenge and have found it... FLIES. This should be interesting and take the rest of my life to master....
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