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  1. True. At least we're not killing cats to prevent the spread this time, just not getting vaccinated. Figure next year I'll just have to update the information on the ArriveCan app and maybe get another Covid test. Almost time to get my flu shot. I don't either. I wouldn't be surprised if Canada closed the border to us again. I know some of the European countries are. I noticed that most Canadians I saw in Ontario were wearing masks. At the lodge, the tables in the dining area were all 6 feet apart and it was well ventilated. The staff wore masks when they were serving meals, but masks were optional for guests but all of us were vaccinated. Even the dock crew was masked when they helped us shove off in the morning and when we came back in the afternoon for dinner and when we came back from fishing after dinner. Talking with the staff, there are Canadians who are refusing to get the vaccine but it's not anywhere near the scale it is here in the States.
  2. My guess is that it was more economical than political, though it's often hard to separate the two at times. I would imagine that there was a lot of pressure by the tourist industry to open the border to Americans. The lodge I went to, Garden Island on Lady Evelyn Lake operated last year at about 40% capacity. From talking to the owner he was doing a bit better this year, getting more Canadian customers. Last week he was supposed to be full, 23 people. There were going to be four of us going, but two guys dropped out in July for reasons unrelated to Covid. A party of 8 from Michigan cancelled when either two of the party came down with Covid or tested positive for it. And a Canadian couple who booked in the last month didn't show up at the pick-up point. We ended it up with 11 people, and four of them had only booked the 5 day package rather than the 7 day. He was absolutely ecstatic that he was fully booked for the last two weeks of the season. On the US side, the area impacted economically is smaller and probably mainly along the border or areas just south of it. So there most likely was/is not a lot of pressure to open the border to Canadians. Just my take on it. Hopefully this will be over by next year and we'll all be able to cross the border in either direction without a lot of hassle.
  3. Got back last Sunday from a week long trip to a lodge in NE Ontario. Much easier getting back into the US, than getting into Canada. To get in we had to sign up on an app, called ArriveCan. Asked for all sorts of info, including where you were going to quarantine. One of the pieces of information was where you were going to stay asking for a town, street address. The lodge is in the middle of a lake. After three tries, I listed the nearest town, the name of the lodge, and the cabin we were staying which was Dockside East. The other thing was a negative Covid test done within 72 hours. I'd made an appointment to get the genetic test at a local pharmacy. It was cancelled a couple days before the test. I made another appointment with the same pharmacy at a different location. It was cancelled an hour before the test. I had to scramble to get a script from my primary care doctor to get the test at a local hospital. Which I did. Test came back negative. It took about 15 minutes for the guard to go through our paper, and she decided we had an awful lot of stuff for two guys going fishing for a week, so she sent us over to have our car searched which took another half hour. We got through, fought traffic from Toronto heading up to Cottage Country. We stayed in North Bay for the night, and drove to the pick up point on Saturday morning in pouring rain which stopped by the time we got to the pick-up point. This is a fishing report, unfortunately the weather wasn't conducive to fly fishing, we had wind most of the week, so we spent our time looking for places out of the wind to fish. A lot of the spots that produced in late July or early August weren't producing, but we found some decent coves, almost out of the wind. We ended up catching 110 smallmouth for the week. Most were caught on jigs, with either night crawlers or twister tails on them, or lures. Of the 69 I caught only four were caught with a fly rod. I lost another four when they jumped close to the boat and spit the hook. Top water action wasn't happening. I caught a 14 inch bass on a top water, and lost another one. Two came on a crayfish pattern. My buddy had caught a 16 inch bass and it spit up a recently eaten crayfish which landed in the boat. After matching the colors with one of my crayfish pattern, I put the crayfish on a jig and immediately caught a bass on it. Tied on the crayfish fly, hooked four, landed two both 15 inch fish. The last was caught on a small bucktail jig which also caught me a small perch. Overall, a good week. Most of the bass were in the 14 to 16 inch range. I caught two 17 inchers. The biggest for the week that anyone brought in was 18 inches. I lost one that was close to 20 inches. I'd caught a small pike, 20 inches, and didn't check the line and the bass broke me off right at the boat. That was the only pike we caught. A guy in another group caught a 32 inch pike. Only 16 walleye. With the wind it was hard to anchor up on my favorite mid-lake shoal or to drift. We did catch a few slot fish early in the week, but threw them back, figuring we catch more later in the week. Wrong. We did catch the two biggest walleye for the week. On top of that mid-lake shoal. My buddy's was 23 1/2 inches and I got one 25 inches. I do have some pictures, mostly scenery, I'll post when I figure out how to get them out of my new camera.
  4. I had some luck back in May with ones I tied on size 6 Klinkhammer hooks. Picked a couple small largemouth and chain pickerel on them. These are for lake smallies. I tend to wrap a bit of extra hackle on the larger ones. Mainly I'll be fishing them with my 6 wgt. I do have an extended fighting butt about 10 inches long that I can screw in. I'll probably give the two-handed approach a try at some point. I do have three white ones with pearlescent bodies and three with silver bodies for minnow imitations. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures. My goal is to catch one or two over 20 inches.
  5. I just finished up tying flies for my Canadian trip next week. These are some large soft hackles I tied up for smallmouth, about 2 inches long. hook - Ahrex Traditional Shrimp, Size 4 Thread- various colors 3/0 Weight- 7/32" bead, silver, gold and black, behind the hackle Body- various, metallic thread, floss, spinner bait layers Hackle- Spey(red, black blue, purple, chartreuse), the rest schlappen or saddle
  6. It might represent a dying or injured bait fish. I've certainly struggling belly up.
  7. Nice selection of sunfish. We don't have that variety up here. Just bluegills, red-breasted, pumpkinseed and green sunfish. On the one creek I fish, the sunfish seem to spawn in the same area at the same time. You get some weird hybrids. The weirdest one was looked like a bluegill/green sunfish hybrid. Bluegill colors but the large mouth of the green sunfish.
  8. Check out the Global FlyFisher site. They used to have a downloadable Leader Calculator in an Excel format. You may have to search for it. I've used it in the past to make trout leaders and warm water leaders. These days I use heavy weight thread furled leaders that were made for me. They will turn over bass and pike flies. I normally use about 6 feet of 20 or 25# fluorocarbon tippet with them.
  9. I 've lost more than a few warm water poppers/sliders to rubber legs, not only they didn't age well, but they, if I wasn't careful, "melted" into the coating of my other bugs or melded with other rubber legs.. I was very happy when I stumbled on spinner bait skirts and skirt layers while thumbing through a Barlow's catalog looking for hooks for my bass bugs. I have a small spool of 1 mm "stretch magic" and it seems to be a bit heavier than a similar length of "sili legs" though I am planning to use the wrapping method to make up some perch colored and fire tiger legs to go with some sliders. I'll probably just use one strand rather than the two strands of "sili legs" I'm using for the others. You can still buy rubber legs from Barlow's and Jann's Netcraft. Maybe the newer versions have a different composition and don't melt or age as quickly.
  10. Capt Bob, I'm looking at a small spool, called "Stretch Magic" that I picked up as body material. It doesn't appear to be rubber, at least I've never seen clear rubber. It might be silicone or a polymer. I I looked this up. "Stretch Magic is a strong elastic-like beading and jewelry making cord. It is made of a unique proprietary polyurethane. It is constructed of a mixture of polyester and polyurethane." Sounds like it would be pretty durable. I doubt that it would deteriorate, melt or react with the bodies of other flies like rubber does. If you stretch silicone skirt pieces they will break, this stuff just stretches. I was using clear mono to tie my bait fish patterns. I stumbled on some clear polyester thread in the craft store. Not only is it cheaper, 400 meter spool for around $2 but it's stronger than the mono. It's a large spool but if you have and old bobbin around you can stretch the legs so the spool will fit.
  11. Good idea. I've used the clear stretch cord for bodies on some nymphs and large soft hackles. Never thought to use it for legs. Since I have a life time supply of "sili legs", aka spinner bait skirts, I'll leave this with "youse guys" to play with this idea. So are any of youse guys gonna down da shore this weekend?
  12. I had something similar happen to me years ago on the White River in Vermont. I had been fishing the upper portion for trout, and the last spot was a deep pool where I needed a sinking line to get down to the trout.. I caught a couple of small browns and then moved on as I made my way down river fishing the deeper pools I moved from the trout areas to the lower sections where smallmouth are predominant. I found a nice spot where I could wade out to a gravel bar with the main river on one side and deep pool between it and the rocky bank. I tied on a size 8 Estaz bug, made a couple of casts, something took a swipe at. I switched to a large white woolly bugger. Lobbed it out into the pool and let the current swing the fly. The line stopped moving and seemed to be moving upstream. I stripped in the slack and set the hook and this huge smallmouth exploded out of the water. At that time I had already caught a couple of 20 inch smallmouths on my trips to Ontario. This fish was a lot bigger. It jumped a second time and the tippet broke. I flopped down on the gravel to let the adrenaline go down. Reeled the line in. As I looked at the remains of the tippet I realized that I had not changed it when I switched over to chasing smallies. The 6X tippet didn't stand a chance.
  13. Nice. I've never had much luck with divers, wiggle bugs. Main problem was getting them to dive in still water with a floating line. They would dive in a current but half the time they ended up twisting rather than running and wiggling. Did have some luck with them with an intermediate or sinking line. I've got about a 1/2 dozen to tie up for a Canadian trip which is looking less likely. Plan to use a piece of a worm weight on the bottom of the shank just behind the hook eye to get the bill to sit under the water. Not sure a bead would work on the style I'm tying,.. The bead is a good idea.
  14. Nice flies. I had to check where you're located as the Eastern Green Drake is totally different fly. The adult has a greenish white body and is usually tied on size 8 2XL hook
  15. I've used Supreme Hair, Super Hair and Ultra Hair for bait fish patterns. They're all about the same diameter. I haven't used EP Fibers because they seem to be too coarse, not sure if the diameter is any thicker than the other hairs. One suggestion would be to twist the fibers together once you have them tied in and then wrap them, that should give you a more defined segmentation. Another thing I've used for nymphs is a single strand of "sili legs" These are size 12. The only problem is that they're not as durable as the artificial hairs. I put a coat of UV resin on them to prevent fish with teeth, like trout, from cutting through them.
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