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  1. Flies in hand. Will field test soon. Thanks again for hosting. Later... Thom
  2. I suggest a little floatant added to the wing...
  3. Please PM your address. Thanks.
  4. I'll join. Upside-Down Sulfur Dun. Thanks for hosting.
  5. The weather was excellent. I was there for about 2 weeks. Nice breezes...no bug problems. Every 3rd or 4th day the wind picks up, but nothing to drastic. Water is warm... I found that pink was the go-to color for my flies. The people are friendly...Enjoy.
  6. jjc155...I was there in March a year ago. There is a bridge leading to more undeveloped north part of the island. The channel there holds a lot of bone fish. Also, go over to the marina side of the island. You'll find cruising bone fish and tarpon. Enjoy. SullyTM
  7. Flies in hand. Thanks Joseph for hosting.
  8. Joseph...I'll join in. Thanks. Thom
  9. Crazy Charlies in pink! Worked for me last year in March... Enjoy!
  10. Haven't been near a computer for a few weeks. Been out using the Wullfs...FISH ON!
  11. Flies were mailed several days ago... Thanks.
  12. For lack of a better name I'll tie a Left Coast Wullf. Later...
  13. Woof! I mean Wulff! I'll join. Thanks for hosting NB. Thom
  14. Steve, flies in the mail. Thanks for hosting.
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