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  1. WOW incredible tying, question : is it spun deerhair ? Don
  2. I own a wilderness systems Pamilinco 100 it is one of the shorter yaks by WS and is highly maneuverable , I got it for small ponds and can wear one out paddling long distances. has a large storage hatch ( comfortably hold a 12 pk.) Lol Don
  3. Wow that is some outstanding tying Don
  4. Ive used the jitterbee on carp as well as bluegill, sz 10 gurglers,Gordons Dragon
  5. That HairyMara is one nice lookin fly, thanks for the link Don
  6. I've used it for a couple of years now, I love it makes ratty knots hold and can do on stream repairs on flys too, I get mine at www.blueflycafe.com Don
  7. The Tarpon is one sweet ride, I have a FeelFree Gemini ( won it from Paddling.net so beggars cant be choosers) I converted it to a solo and made a rudder for it. paddles like a battleship :dunno: put rod holders and a bottomline sidefinder
  8. The one I use most is the E-Z vise like the full 360 rotation and was only 40 bucks
  9. Fantastic mouse , Guess I'll have to make due with the bucket mouths down here, though I am incredibly envious of y'alls enviorment up there. (Green vegitation and flowing streams :ripped: ) Great catches folks Don
  10. Clouser swimming nymph is my all time favorite for the "Golden Ghost", that is one fish that will not hesitate to take you into backing with an occasional line burn as well Don
  11. Thanks a bunch for the list of suppliers, I knew about Hunters but the others are new, I'm new to tying artistic salmon flies so thanks for being helpful. I mostly have been tying warm water patterns for the "Golden Ghost" and for Texas warmwater species Brim,BlueGill,Bass and the "freshwater Tarpon" the Gar
  12. I think we are talking about the same thing, its run along the edge of wings to make them flow, those are tippet fibers ? another question , where do you a'll get the real Jungle cock eyes all I've found are the die cut imitations (which look like imitations) Don
  13. Howdy folks, I was going through the fly art section photos and would like to know what type of feather is used on the outer edge of the wings ? You folks do some incredible work. Don
  14. Thanks for the welcomes, folks
  15. My present home waters (or for the last 20 years) has been North Texas / Oklahoma. Ray Roberts , Lewisville,Texoma. I have a confession , I'm a Fly tying addict , Corinth chapter of Road Kill Recycle . Though I admit to slowing down to take a look what got flattened . Havent figured out what I can tie with an armadillo shell. Looking forward to getting to know you folks Don
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