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  1. I've heard around the river that green drakes are a must have. Don't have any in the fly box so I'm going to have to jump on this band wagon. Being from Eastern Canada I will tie up a Eastern Green Drake. This should be a great swap.
  2. Got mine done. Can I get an addy to send these babies out. These will fish.
  3. Can't say no to a new swap. I'm in with the Ugly Rudamus.
  4. Hope the packaging worked out. I didn't want my rigging to go to waste or for you to get a big mess to try and figure out. These are my first few swaps trying to keep the expense of shipping and packing down. Would you recommend I continue this style or should I make some changes? Can't wait to get some of those nice flies. This is going to be a great swap.
  5. Great classics, wish I could have been in on your swap. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  6. Grouse and Orange are done ready to ship. Can I get the Addy please. Simple fly but sure to be effective.
  7. dave19. Flies look great, great extended bodies. I put mine in a empty hook box and picked up a brown envelope with bubble wrap on the inside at the dollar store (Cheaper then post office). You get three for a dollar. I picked up some blank labels to write address. That way I can reuse the envelope. Also I spoke with the clerk at the post office and if the package is only 3/4 of an inch thick that is the cheapest way to ship. Hope this helps, Trout Patrol
  8. Flies are tied. My definate go to fly. They will be shipped out Monday morning.
  9. I'll take that final spot if its still open. I'll tie my old faithful, the Elk Hair Caddis.
  10. Flies are tied. Next step is to rig. Mine will be rigged to fish. Can I get a an addy to get this off by the weekend. Trying to build a good name in the forum. My first few swaps.
  11. Swap might not be full, but you can count on me. My Humpy's are tied and lookin sharp. They can be shipped tomorrow if I get the addy tonight. Californians aren't the only ones that tie dry. Canadian trout like those top water files too. Hopefully these Canadian flies can fish those warm waters.
  12. I'm in for the Humphy...going to be a great swap.
  13. Count me in I'll tie a Gray Wulff Dry and a White Scud ( akaTrout Crack)
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