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  1. LOL !!! my mother!!!!!! she bought one, and likes using it like it's a new toy. Loves to call my me or my brother then put us on the speaker, we either yell "I can't hear you very good" , refuse to speak, or hang up and pretend that it was her phone that cut us off (yeah, mean to do to your mom, but I can't stand that thing) I told her , unless you are doing a conference call at a business meeting , you have no need for one.
  2. good stuff, that mickey finn looks PERFECT !! great fly for alot of different species of fish
  3. chrislorne


    my wife used to curl. she watches it and knows what's going on, I just sit and scratch my head, she even has a "curling rock" on her charm bracelet.
  4. If I'm in "skevys" shop I always pick up something, but not at the "other" place here in belleville. they are neglecting the fly fishers.
  5. congrats on the baby. lots of fun!! I got one boy so far, would like another.
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    ahhhhh!!! the "get them to quit so we don't have to fire him and pay severance" tactic. I know that one, yep, been there. in another incident, my wife was working at a pie shoppe and they fired her 2 days before her 3 month probabation period, no reason given, and even said they'd hire her back 2 weeks later!!!!!! so that made it really obvious why. she filed for unemployment and she got it, and the labour board went after them. good. don't feel too bad, I'm unemployed also. stay at home and change diapers, feed the baby, wash floors and dishes, and have dinner on the table for my wife when she gets home. if there's anything I want at the store I have to ask my wife to buy it for me, so this is what it's like to be a "housewife". wow, it's not easy. LOL hats off to all the mothers out there who have to mind the kids all day long.
  7. I'll second that "monkey see monkey do" thing, kids copy everything they see. My son now does ab crunches , sit ups and pullups/chinups cause he watches me workout, (and he's only 2). good little shadow boxer too. as for the child molester getting a job so easy, that's insane!! I'm a good guy , have work experience , no criminal record and have trouble finding a job because I have tattoos. yet the child molester gets the job cause he looks "clean cut". depressing, LOL Oh yeah, if you see him, tell him I said "hi" then kick him between the legs!! :devil:
  8. Really don't know what to say man, I came very close to losing my gf, but we worked things out, had to do with my attitude. I pray that you catch a steelhead
  9. LOL !! steeldrifter, hehe I use a cheap pair of bushline bootfoot hipwaders, they are great, except the part where the wader joins the boots, I have to pull my socks up high if I'm doing alot of walking, or the seam will wear a hole in my leg (ouch!!!)
  10. The archer fish must be really cool, I heard they will spit water at your fly trying to knock it out of the air into the water
  11. I might be making one of those, hmmmmm....... green is the hot colour for gar here though, green mickey finns are what work for me with gar.
  12. welcome aboard, my dad used to fish the fraser when he lived out there, I was born in Kelowna but only lived there till I was 2 so don't remember any of it. been living in ontario ever since.
  13. a rod that is not spined properly is a bad rod, no matter how much it cost or what brand name it is !!
  14. when I started I had no idea what kind of wax you are suppossed to use, was using a birthday candle rubbed up and down the thread, not great, but it actually helped a bit
  15. I started with a beginners kit too. it's ok for a start, but then my vice fell apart that came with it so had to buy a better one, everything I've learned about fly fishing either came from the internet or fly fishing magazines. flyanglersonline.com has intructions for all kinds of techniques, although this site has the most amazing flies I've ever seen. with both sites you should be well on your way.
  16. I still have trouble but starting to get the hang of it, I did a copy of dave whitlocks fruit coctail and it turned out great, kind of a fluke because I mess up 4 out of 5 of them, the fish don't seem to care but my friends laugh at them. the more you do it the easier it will get.
  17. they were all good, I felt alot like I was just picking at random, because I was, I'd like to have all of those in my fly boxes
  18. pretty good for 6 years old, actually that one would be pretty good for me!! she's got a real talent, can you imagine what she can tie when she's older. 6 huh? that means in 4 years I should be sitting my son down in front of the vice
  19. chrislorne

    These pants...

    I have this shirt from Woolrich, my wife bought it for me for $40 cdn at Ramackos tackle shop in Sudbury.
  20. hmmm!! micro clousers, I'll have to try that, after all I have micro black marabous and micro mickey finns tied in sizes 16 and 22.
  21. chrislorne


    This reminds me of the time I blew the cover off the primary fermentation bucket while brewing some Gran Cru whistling1.gif Gran Cru ?? you're not talking about the belgian lambic beer are you?? cause if you know how to brew lambics you are coming to my place to teach me!! (belgian beeeeeeeeeeeeer !!! :devil: ) If any of you want to try the best beer from canada, get something from Unibroue , they are in quebec and brew according to the belgians, I'm aging a bottle of Maudite right now (crazy drunken flying satanic canoe beer).
  22. I'm not too sure, I think fish feel pain to a certain degree, I know bass have a very tough mouth, they'd have too, it would hurt to eat crawfish I'd think, so they wouldn't eat them, but then again, isn't peta thinking about the poor crawfish, that must suck to get eaten by a big bass. Ok peta, I'll teach those bass a lesson for hurting those poor crawfish, next time I catch a bass, I'll give it a smack!!!! :hyst:
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    hehe, another reason I call it moira river fly fisher, is being that it is 6.9% alc/vol it'll make me forget all about getting skunked on my favorite river.
  24. chrislorne


    just thought I'd share a pic of my new recipe in progress. I call this one Moira River Fly Fisher Strong Ale
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