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    Top 10 Ways

    carboys full of wine and beer fermenting in the bedroom, and she doesn't even drink, she complains that the room stinks like a brewery
  2. whoa!! look at the teeth on that fish, and to think I was afraid of gar. speaking of that, next summer on the moira is just a distant dream right now
  3. keep with it, it gets easier as you go, I used to smoke, mostly cigars, I quit probably 20 times until I stopped for good, the more you quit and start again, the more disgusting it tastes I find, I couldn't smoke again even if I wanted to, it's just nasty. I'd rather put money into my homebrew equipment and ingredients so I could have a nice glass of quality english style ale every day (apparently doctors say that it's actually good for you and can help you LOSE weight.)
  4. chrislorne

    Top 10 Ways

    "2. Change the babys diaper, but not the clothes she slept in the night before. (they looked clean to me)" hehe, *wife comes home from work* "why is the baby still in his pj's ???!!!"
  5. I found this link, http://www.users.odn.de/~odn03061/licensing.htm hope it helps
  6. welcome to the forum where in alberta? I was in fort mcmurray for 2 weeks this year just before spring.
  7. we'll have to get together for bass and pike next year sometime welcome to the forum!!
  8. "Was that you with the dog Beau" nope, I was there alot earlier. I didn't manage to get out there today, was kinda tired so I just fished the moira again. I left around 50 minutes ago after a big salmon swam up, layed across my feet and died. I nudged him off to see if he was okay, he rolled over and floated away. Although the main point to my fishing day today was to see if my waders were good after fixing them.
  9. were any of you out there today?? I seen two people fly fishing, I was walking around with my wife and son enjoying the nature, my son got to see a big garter snake close up. looks like a nice spot there!! nice and quiet too.
  10. Thanks ! I'm going to try for Sunday morning, I have to fix my wifes car on saturday and pack up a bit more for the move into a new apartment next week. So if anyone here is an early riser, you might see me sunday morning.
  11. you can join up online at www.fedflyfishers.org they have an incentive plan right now, a bag full of SA goodies worth $50 when you sign up.
  12. Thanks everyone, I wondered about the trent but wasn't sure. is dam one, the one just above the 401?? I don't know trenton too well.
  13. anyone in the Quinte area, I'm asking your help on what I should tie for Chinook as this is my first year at them, I spent last weekend boucing eggsucking leeches, estaz bugs, glo bugs, mickey finns, etc. off the noses of chinook for a half hour at a time and hardly a bite
  14. LOL So far I have two hackle pliers that I don't use, I find that I have an easier time without them.
  15. Joined the FFF recently and just got my membership package :headbang: spent the afternoon sewing my patch on my vest, my fingers look like swiss cheese, ouch
  16. Nice deer!! good shot yeah, you definately don't want that one mounted though, or it'll look like this on your wall -------------> (LOL) :hyst:
  17. Fry flier, I had I guy almost snag ME while I was in the bottom of the dam, I told them if they didn't move I was getting out of the water and going up there. they just laughed at me and said, "go ahead" I had snagged a fish there on sunday by accident, which sucks since that's the first salmon I've ever caught and it wasn't legit. he didn't need my help breaking him off though as he almost broke my thumb on the reel. going out again on this coming sunday to see if I can trick one of those monsters into taking my fly.
  18. took my wife to try for salmon near the dam in Belleville today, noticed a bunch of mulleted toothless snaggers on top of the dam, after they caught a fish they proceded to walk down and fish directly in front of my wife and turned to her and said "at least I know what I'm doing". we had to leave immediately as I tried very hard not to loose my cool. If any of you from belleville in here are going fishing this afternoon and you see these guys there (there were 4 and one girl with cheap makeup) please do me a favour and bounce a bead head wooly bugger off their foreheads.
  19. chrislorne

    fly shop guy

    LOL so true!!! most of those guys were hired just because they were looking for job, not because they like fly fishing, I like the other joke about the guide too. http://www.drakemag.com/pages/humor/career_change.shtml
  20. SMALLMOUTH BASS !! I like fishing when it's blazing hot outside, wet wading in sandals and shorts. Bass also have a convienent mouth that acts like a handle so you don't need to bring a net.
  21. wow, lots of rockin' fly fishers here!!! guess we are the new generation huh?? I like alot of those industrial band you guys mention, megaherz is a good german band, kmfdm. even like scary scandinavian stuff like burzum. other bands I like are Disturbed, Drown, etc. too many to mention. if anyone knows where to find any tabs for playing Drown that would be cool. Also what kind of guitars do people here have, I currently have a Peavey Generation EXP at the moment and I'm keeping it, this guitar is awesome!!
  22. Met my match on Saturday 20" and as big around as he was long, on my 4wt. what a scrapper!!!! anyone in belleville looking for a spot "loaded" with big smallies, message me, this was on my first cast of the day as well.
  23. you got skills I tied a clone of dave whitlocks fruit cocktail, and that was it, I forget how I pulled it off but it just seems I can't do that anymore, all my spun hair bass bugs are boughten now. I like that last one you showed too. alot of people can't do that you know!! good work
  24. ah yes!! nice turkey and stuffing tonite, also got some Kawartha Lakes Brewery raspberry wheat ale to go with. I'll have to make room for it all, I plan on having poutine for lunch and don't want to wreck my dinner.
  25. chrislorne


    next time you have a cold, heat up that cider with some rum or whisky, but don't do this until you are ready to go to bed, it's better than any cold medicine out there, (maybe this WAS cold medicine at one time???)
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