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    here's some pics of my rod I built, next one I build I'll buy not as a kit, but everything separate, so I can dare to dream what it'll look like
  2. nick, you manage a call centre?? my wife works at Stream. as for me, I was a professional grunt for job agencies around town, then a meat cutter for a few weeks until my body ached from gripping a knife all day (couldn't fish after work either arms hurt too bad) at the moment, I'm Mr Mom, it's boring, and my son is reaching the terrible twos
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    i just built a 4wt 7'6" I ordered from cabelas. I'm really good at working with my hands and found it alot of fun, you really get to see how a rod is put together. Mine was a kit to start off, I wasn't sure about how to pick out grips, reel seats, guides, blanks, so figured buy a kit. you can't go wrong if you follow the instructions, I built mine in 4 days and it looks awesome, I haven't tried it yet though, i'm saving it for my first fall trout. i'm just comfortable with my 8wt for the big bass around here right now. I can't wait to build a spey rod
  4. tell me about regreting the barb wire around the bicep hehe, I got that one 10 years ago and now everyone has it. I do plan on getting a "smallmouth bass" fly fishing tattoo, although I'm fully sleeved, my chest is covered, stomach, back, hmmmmmm...... I guess it's going on my leg somewhere. as far as fish are concerned I have a large koi on my ribs but haven't decided how I want it coloured yet.
  5. I also wear prescription glasses, but I usually always wear polarized glasses when fishing during the day, not only to find fish, but so I don't take a wrong step while wading I started to get concerned about eye safety while fishing ever since I accidently pierced my ear with a wooly bugger.
  6. I'm in the ontario version of Belleville, sister city of Lahr germany
  7. I'm a fan of mice now after having a smallie hit mine, it gets alot of funny looks when people see you casting a mouse around too. cool pattern, I'd like to try making one as the 2 I have right now are store bought.
  8. hi everyone, I'm a regular over on hipwader.com and thought I'm come join in over here, been fly fishing/tying/rod building for less than a year now.
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