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  1. Yo guys, just wanted to see if any of you had found any particularity good blogs. I like the idea of blogs and would read more of them but it's kinda tough to find ones that are any good (especially ones about tying). I follow this one: http://www.rockymtanglers.com/Blog.ctrl I was told by a guy in another fishing forum that apparently they are allowing guest readers to post "guest blogs" so I think I might actually give that a shot and see if they accept me. Anyway post up some blogs you follow and bonus points for a GOOD tying blog.
  2. If you want a $800 rod (and no, there's nothing wrong with dropping a G on a rod) I REALLY think you should at least try the new Sage One. Just came out. I was impressed.
  3. Hey you guys, I know you aren't all in Colorado like me but I stumbled on a damn good stream flow report page for it the other day. Colorado fly shops all tend to toss up a generalized page with river cfs and some recommended flies but what I liked about this one is that it's got the current cfs as well as what it's been the past day or so. And it's not 3 month old stats. I know you can pretty much look all this up on the usgs page, but it's a pain and I'm lazy (not gonna lie). And theres also a weather forecast part to it too... I guess you can't look that us on the usgs. Here's a link to my personal fav Colorado fishing, the frying pan: http://rockymtanglers.com/Fryingpan_River.riv Hope it helps some of you keep your rods bent
  4. This horrible unseasonable rain all summer (I'm in Colorado BTW) has really put a damper on my favorite rivers... can't say I remember seeing a year like this since the late '90s. I'm hoping for a warm fall though, so hopefully the year can still be salvaged. Saw something on the weather chann saying they are expecting a warm end of summer to early fall for Colorado and the general central mid-west. Might end up doing some more winter fishing this year as well to make up.
  5. Never heard of them, but don't freak out too bad. If they don't ship it you can always call up your card company and do a credit card reversal on them.
  6. $20??! Per feather??? Ya i looked at a salon near me just to see and they are at $30 for two feathers. Wow... at that rate a saddle is worth like $2,000 to them. That's crazy, no wonder we can't find any around the shops anymore
  7. Luckily most of those feathers look like trash that I'd never tie with so if they enjoy using it for hair then more power to them. Too bad they've used up all the grizzly saddles in my state already though... sucks for us.
  8. This is exactly why the river is your only real friend...
  9. Rubbermade stuff is more air tight and that's why I prefer it for tying.
  10. www.homebrewtalk.com pretty much the best homebrew forum I found. I haven't made any home brews in over a year, it is enjoyable and need to do some more as I am out as well. Looks good, thx
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