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  1. Ive never fished them that small myself but i imagine it would do well for them!
  2. This is a baitfish pattern I came up with a couple years ago, its got an awesome slow sinking action and plenty of flash to get the attention of anything toothy and hungry.
  3. Most people probably know how to tie this one since its pretty much a standard but for anyone that doesnt here you go, the san juan worm
  4. Thanks mike! Yeah i noticed the shirt and decided that had to go, i myself just prefer it plain because ive never noticed an increase in catch rate with a rib and its just extra time imo
  5. This is probably the easiest pattern I know but it is still also the best producing fly I have in my box for most conditions
  6. Had someone on the channel want to see a weedless toowater pattern and figured id share it with you guys as well, its a damn fine diver pattern that ive had awesome luck with in the past! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=85FrigD-9DA
  7. I made a new video on a foam hopper pattern i love to tie and throw! Super bouyant and tough enough to live through a few fish and being thrown into bushes which is where i always seem to put them. Let me know if theres a pattern you think is better. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RBFkbHP1qN4
  8. Ive been using a gopro hero 5 for about a year now and its served me well aside from my first one crapped out after a few months but gopro was great about sending me a new one no questions asked. Id recommend it
  9. Haha, im not a purist, i love fly fishing but chasing bass with the fly rod just isnt practical this time of year in my area, thanks!
  10. Found a new spot in the middle of nowhere and gave it a shot, ended up getting two rainbows, according to the stocking page this place hasn't been stocked yet either so they're either holdovers or natives which is pretty cool! Also did some bass fishing which was less than stellar but did manage a crappie for my troubles.
  11. Thanks david! Cant take too much credit for it, saw something similar online and made it easy enough for a monkey like me to do!
  12. WA thats a pretty coll pattern, never seen one tied like that, might have to give it a shot! Agn i bet it would work well for that too, sadly no mangroves to test it out on here in MA lol
  13. Heres a pattern I saw somewhere on the internet a a while back and have been using to great success. Its super easy and the most weedless fly ive found, even working better than flies with mono or wire weedguards. Lets see if I can make the link work this time
  14. Bimini and mike, thanks guys ill give that a shot next time!
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