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  1. I agree with everybody thanks for all of the tips. I like the wool cards ideal they will work better than cat brushes.
  2. Couldn't you achieve the same results with two cat hair brushes?
  3. I am looking for a fly tying DVD that teaches how to tie a gummy minnow. I can't seem to find one does anyone know if there is one available? Any help would be great. Thanks
  4. Thanks for all of the help. The fly type would use mylar tubing and foam. Does anyone know of a source to learn how to tye that type of fly? It seems like an easy tie but I always like to read or watch an example before I give it a try.
  5. I would like to learn how to tie these types of flies but cannot find a source to show how to tie them. I am looking for a book you tube video or dvd. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. Anybody ever used the sea eagle 285 frameless pontoon? I am thinking about purchasing one. Would like to hear any feedback.
  7. Silver creek I tried sending you a private message and the system wouldn't let me. I would like to order crystal uv coat from you. Let me know how to place the order. Thanks
  8. Thanks for all of the help. Is there one light that will cure all products?
  9. Will the tuffleye curing light cure all of the uv products for sale on the market? Thanks for any help.
  10. bigfoot


    Thanks for the help.
  11. bigfoot


    Where is the link to the video?
  12. Thanks for the help Fred.
  13. Great looking flies. Where are you getting the body material for the worm? Also any tips on tying them?
  14. I have looked for a supplier in the U.S. and can't find one if you turn one up let me know.
  15. Great looking jitter bug Fred. What did you use for the lip?
  16. Thanks for the help rich mc.
  17. Thanks for all of the help.
  18. That's where I am talking about doesn't that look like a piece of metal in the first worm?
  19. The worms that have not been put on a hook do they have a piece of metal in them to hold them on the hook?
  20. Thanks for all of the help. One more quick question on the plastic worms at the bottom of the picture that hasn't been used is that a piece of bent metal in there to hold the worm on the hook?
  21. Does anyone know the material being used for the collar or cone on the fly in the link below? Any help would be great. http://georgiariverfishing.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13624
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