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  1. Why kill the thread? Even though it evolved from vises to trucks - it's been entertaining. Regarding trucks - I won't debate that the imports (Toyota and Nissan) are more reliable and have higher customer satisfaction ratings than GM, Ford, and Dodge. I think that's well established by both consumer reports and JD Power. What I will debate though is value for the dollar. You can buy a truck (or car) from one of the big 3 for much less than the 2 Japanese companies. If you buy used like I did it is about half. Unless you are independently wealthy that's huge. And if you chart reliablility over the last 30 or 40 years - all cars and trucks have in general gotten more reliable. Vehicles from the big 3 are about where the imports were 10 years ago. And that's pretty reliable. I've owned 4 different Dodge vehicles over about 20 years. In that time we've only had one major problem. I think that's pretty good. If we had bought imports what would we have gained except a much lighter bank account? Greg
  2. I agree Griffin makes a great vise. But try several others out there in that price range. The Peak rotary is top rated vise in that price range. I have one and really like it. Check out these reviews: http://www.flyfishohio.com/Vise%20Review%2...e_Shoot-Out.htm http://www.peakfishing.com/ProductReviews.html I've never seen a bad review on this vise. Greg
  3. hmmm I think I did go domestic. Although f150 is tops in domestic parts and construction (although Im sure I just heard that camry passed it!) tundra is no 2 (in trucks) its WWWAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! more American than the Canadian made piece of crap dodge! And now that the g6 is no longer made tundra is no 4 over all! So I did go domestic! :yahoo: Plus its one BAD ASS TRUCK! And if you want to pull the its not American owned, Chrysler and dodge have not been 100% American owned for over 10 years! But are still called an American company. Its built by Americans with American parts and traded on the American stock market. Its American! Its more American than a Dodge and a Silverado! Its time that people get over the Toyota Nissan and Honda are jap cars bs! Nissan owns one of the largest american manufacturing plant in the US ! Smyrna Ten! http://www.cars.com/go/advice/Story.jsp?se...tory=amMade0808 Hey now I've been driving a Dodge Ram 1500 since 2002. Nice truck. Zero problems in those 7 years. The gas mileage sucks but it does on all full size trucks. I'm a domestic guy mainly because of price. My Dodge (bought a couple of years old with low miles) cost about half what a similar Toyota would have cost. Greg
  4. Don't all the renzetti's even the high end ones have that cheap O ring built into their design? They did at one time but is that still the case? I'm just not impressed with that design. I haven't looked at Renzetti's in quite some time but based on past experience I'd much rather tie on my Peak or the HMH I used to own. Both of those vises are much less expensive, smooth, and built to last. What more could you want? Greg
  5. I agree with you about the Apex. And I think another good quality vice well under $100 would be the Peak non rotary vice. I've heard it is exactly the same quality as the Peak rotary. I've got the Peak rotary and it is the best vice I've used even over a couple that cost 2-3 times as much. And if a person doesn't mind trolling ebay perfectly good used Thompson A and B vices can be had for $20 or less. I've got one of each and while they don't do rotary they both work great (rock solid at holding hooks). VERY possible to get a good quality metal vice for less then $100. Greg
  6. You might look at the sunrise AA vise. It's modeled after the Thompson A. Not as good a quality as the Thompson but really not bad at all. I tied on one off and on for 5 years. It holds hooks pretty well. It is light years better than the silverado and only costs 10 or 15 bucks. It might be the way to go for your niece especially if she's unsure if she will stay with tying or not. Greg
  7. I believe you are confusing form and function. The problem is not that people are driven to spend a lot of money on a vise just to keep up with the Jones. The issue is no one makes a decent rotary vise for under $150... Now, to complicate matters even more, you are looking for a "good" vise under $50. If one exists, I haven't seen it yet. I've played with the Terra Silverado and it is like everything else they make, cheap. You have to decide what you want. A serviceable vise or a cheap vise. The two are mutually exclusive. Right now for the around $50 range, I think the Griffin Superior 2A is the best choice. If all I needed was a cheap vise, then any Sunrise (made in India) knock off would serve just fine...and that would still be cheaper than the Silverado. I agree that I don't think you can get a "good" vise for under $50. But it's possible to get a serviceable vise for that price. I've tied on a sunrise vise that I think still costs less than $15 and did a pretty good job. It didn't rotate and no it probably won't last a lifetime. But it worked pretty darn well. Another exception is a used Thompson A vise. You can find them on ebay for way less than $50 and it will last a long, long time (even used) and is a high quality tool. In fact I still tie on mine sometimes. Greg
  8. I had one. I just didn't like it at all. It just wouldn't hold hooks well at all. My old Thompson A is superior to it in every way. Sorry but I think you'd be better off with something else. Greg
  9. I fish and tie more zebras than any other fly here in MO. I use uni-thread. I tend to tie smaller ones - #18 to #22 so the 8/0 works better for me. It makes a thinner more evenly tapered body. Greg
  10. I've owned vises by HMH, dynaking Peak, Thompson, and various cheap knock offs. By far my favorite is the Peak even though it certainly wasn't the most expensive. It's just a great vise in my opinion. I have the standard jaws and tie from #22 to #2 and have yet to have a hook slip. Very smooth rotation, positive stop cam, built like a tank. Just a great vise IMHO. Plus I have yet to see anything but a glowing review. In fact in these 2 major reviews it's the overall best vise in it's price range: http://www.flyfisherman.com/ftb/hwvise/index24.html http://www.flyfishohio.com/Vise%20Review%2...rotary_vise.htm Greg
  11. I know everyone is different with different tastes but I sure like my Peak vise. I'm not really into rotary tying but being able to turn the fly over and see it from all sides really comes in handy. I tie everything from #22 to #2 with the standard jaws and I have yet to have a hook slip. I also like the way the cam has a "positive stop". Lifetime guarantee. Made in USA. Overall I couldn't be happier with it. I actually owned an HMH spartan for a while. I liked it too but I sold it after I got the Peak. Greg
  12. Berny V - those vises you made are awesome!! I can't imagine the skill involved in making something like that. I really like your use of brass on both of the vises too. Greg
  13. I think that even in the very best vises - occasionally the tempering is just not right and the vise ends up not holding hooks well and/or wearing out sooner. I have 2 older thomson A vises that I've had for years. One of them holds any hook rock solid while the other is just horrible at holding hooks. And they look almost identical. Greg
  14. I tie mostly the same range flies as you do. Size 10 to 22. I'm kind of a vise "junke". I've owned about 10 or 12 different vises. The 2 I like the best (so far) are the Peak vise and the apex anvil. I probably slightly prefer the Peak. It's just a great all around vise. I just have the standard jaws but #22 hooks are no problem. But the midge jaws might make it even better for those smaller hooks. The pedestal is very nice on the Peak too. I really see no drawbacks to the Peak nor have I ever seen a negative review. I like the anvil too. My only complaint with it is that the pedestal is too light and to effectively use the rotary function you have to move the jaws parallel to the ground because it is not a true or in line rotary vise. good luck, Greg
  15. I've never found a pair I like very well. most either slip or cut the hackle for me. I'll have to check out the C&F ones. Greg
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