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  1. Thanks Deeky, I think I am going to do something along this line, gonna tweak it though to do what I was visioning.
  2. 2 tackle boxes for me. I modified one so I can calmp a vice to it just in case I need to come up with something on the water.
  3. I saw this one when I did a search. I do like this one the best, thinking about modifying it so it can be fished a little deeper. I'll post a picture of the final product when I am done playing it with it. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I am searching for a wet fly pattern that I can run at about a 15-20' depth. They are having a lot of success with a flatfish frog pattern. I have searched the data base for a while, but have not come up with a fly that I like and I do not use lure. Any thoughts or ideas on creating a new one or an exhisiting pattern that works well for you? Thanks in advance for your help!!
  5. That is a great site. My question is how long do you think it took them to tie those flies just perfect as to not show any flaws!?!
  6. In regards to stillwater trout fishing. What is the top ten flies you have tied most so far for Spring fishing? Some of us are at this point already with half the lakes already froze over already.
  7. Yeah, that's the one, thanks guys!
  8. Hey all. My buddy has had some success with what is called "lady mcconnely" fly. (Spelling is probably not accurate) I have never seen this fly in my travels and could not find it anywhere on line yet. Does anyone have a link or can post a picture for me. My buddy really wants some more of these and I might give 'er a try if I don't already have something like it. MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  9. Looks really good man. You should post a pic of it completely finished. Be interesting to see what she looks like when she is all said and done
  10. If it continues to ride hook up, I would go with it and tie your fly upside down and fish it inverted, you will catch a lot less cabbage in the water so it'll be easier to fish as well.
  11. Two thoughts for you is first, instead of getting those drawers you might want to consider getting a cheap storage unit from any hardware store. They are the plastic ones (mine has about 15 drawers or so) the outside of mine is blue and all the drawers are clear plastic so you can still see what is in them. They are really cheap like 10 bucks or sumpin. Second is to consider the height of the back of your bench, if you make it the right height (as I did with mine) you can mount a lighting fixture to the top of it so you get plenty of light but doesn't blind you. Hope this blabbering helped. Jay
  12. That is an unreal idea man! I don't know where you keep getting your ideas from, but keep it up. I was very impressed with the quality of the site, and to my amazement it just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work! Jay
  13. There is a book I saw, I think it was called "Flies, the top 1000" It was just detailed pictures of finished flies and the recipe for each. It has a very wide variety of flies from dries to nymphs to streamers and I think it had flies for steelhead and salmon as well.
  14. I really hate the look of a fly that has had it's hackle trimmed to proper length, I feel it looks messy. I am sure it has little effect on the usage of the fly and its results it is more personal preference. I strongly suggest getting into dying your own hackle. You can have the hackle any colour and any shade that your heart desires. I know there is a dun here that I can't find the proper shade so I started dying my own and never looked back. As for trimming a "v" in the hackle in the bottom of the fly, I do that on, I think, all my dry flies. Hope this helps, Jay
  15. I have seen this one asked a few times, maybe do a quick one on tying with foam. I am sure most will figure it out, it is pretty easy, but you never know.
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