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  1. Oh,sorry,info on the actuall bugs is what im looking for.
  2. Wooly Bugger


    If any of you could help me with info on the Red Quill mayfly and the Cahill (light and dark) mayfly and the PMD mayfly that would be great. Im doing a science project with fly tying and couldnt find any info on these. Thanks, WB
  3. Can't really beat the Olive Wooly Bugger. I got my first smallie on the fly on that fly and it still works better than everything. I just tied up some with rubber legs so we will see how that goes... WB
  4. Oh snap, that is probobly the best fly ever Now the question is... does it catch fish?
  5. Hi all my name is Joe and I am 13 years old. I love to tie fly's but dont always have the right materials so have to improvise . I fish for river smallies and bluegills and some trout. Well, just saying hi!
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