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  1. Welcome! I am in chapel hill, but go to the mountains quite often to fish.
  2. That is awesome. Great tool and fly. I love the slogan "packing them tight since 2011"
  3. I got to see a fly demo by Thomas Harvey and talk with him on Monday. He is a great tier and very passionate about the sport. His wedding vale style is awesome and I think it is going to become more popular in the future.
  4. I stopped swapping and hosting swaps when I hosted my second swap. I had received some truly beautiful flies where you could see how the tier had put lots of effort into them. Then the last one or two sets came in (past the deadline) and to be honest, they were pretty bad. Now this may sound harsh at first, but I have seen pictures of flies posted by the tiers and it was obvious that they put no effort into the flies and were just swapping to get other peoples flies. It made me really annoyed at the whole swapping thing. You could tell that most of the people put lots of effort into their flies (even if they were a beginner tyer who tried their best), but there were those few who put no effort in. Now I just do "mini" swaps with smaller groups of people I know and know they will put effort into their flies.
  5. Allen reels are pretty good, but my favorite are the Lamson reels. I think the Guru is under $200.
  6. I use a lot of blind eye hooks on my traditional tenkara flies. There is no problem with it holding since I use 20 lb darcon.
  7. FTD is a great company. My favorite dubbing of theirs is the lepus dubbing. it makes some awesome, buggy nymphs.
  8. I don't fish for pike, but I do fish for chain pickerel which are a smaller version of pike. I use the rio extreme tippet which is a braid similar to the spider wire. It works quite well, it is a great substitute for having to deal with wire tippet. The only drawback is that after a few fish it can become a little bit frayed and needs to be replaced, but I still prefer it over wire.
  9. Great photos to all who posted them!
  10. There was an article in a somewhat recent issue of fly tyer magazine that had uses for the feathers besides the tail. I think it was the spring issue.
  11. That looks like a great mouse!
  12. I really wish at this point that we could have constructive conversations on tenkara on the forum rather than say how it is cane pole fishing that you did as a kid. I tried this too before I bought a real tenkara rod. It does not work, just save the money for a cheaper tenkara rod (~$60). It is way way too stiff and heavy to use in any way as a tenkara rod. It doesn't have the soft tip that protects your lighter tippet. Also when you use it as a tenkara rod you will be putting all the stress on the tip which is not designed to handle it. While those rods cast a 6-8 weight line, a tenkara rod casts a line lighter than a 000 weight line.
  13. great fly! do you know of any simpler honey bee patterns? thanks
  14. That is one nice vice and a solid fly!
  15. Just saw that TFO is now selling a tenkara rod. It is called the "soft hackle" and retails for $199. I think it won't be that good because they have probably made it too stiff and too much like a western rod in its action, but hopefully they will have some good rods in the future. What it does have going for it is a lifetime warranty and it comes with spare top sections. It's still pretty crazy that a big western rod manufacturer is now making tenkara rods! http://www.blue-ribbon-flies.com/shop/tfo_tenkara_soft_hackle_rods/
  16. congo hair from fly tying dungeons is the cheapest EP like material.
  17. I don't have that model, but would love to see some pics from it!
  18. As always, sweet fly! That's a great body shape too!
  19. 6/0 Danville will work but I prefer 140 ultra. I would get white black and olive. What part of nc are you in, I am in chapel hill?
  20. Delta Ceramacoat is my favorite by far. It is durable, doesn't require mixing like epoxy, and has no smell.
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