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  1. Well thanks for the advice, I truely appreciated it. Here are two that I tied and I am happy with them and I think they might catch me something.
  2. I really appreciate all the suggestions and help. I will be working on it this weekend, and will let you know how it goes, and if it looks decent I will try and post a pic.
  3. I am new to tying, and I did do one successful sucker spawn, but since than I can not finish the tie. After I make my last loop and tie it down, I trim back the yarn and get ready to whip finish, but when I start to use the whip tool, the thread pulls off the last loop and the yarn comes undone, or the thread keeps slipping off the eye of the hook. Am I too close to the eye of the hook? any tips how to keep the thread from coming undone before I finish it?
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