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    Cool little fly ! Makes me want to score some seal (what is New Zealand style?). thanks, Bob
  2. Thanks everyone! DaUP, if you come up with a title that would be much appreciated. tight lines! Bob
  3. Somewhere I thought I saw step by step instructions for tying the Messinger Bucktail Frog. I can't find them and I don't remember whether I saw them online, in a magazine or...? Anybody know where there is a tutorial with visuals? thanks in advance, Bob
  4. Hi Ronn, I'm just off of Lolo Pass near where the Zigzag dumps into the Sandy. I don't fish for the big fish up here but there are cutts and brookies nearby . thanks! Bob
  5. When you guys are tying duck/goose/turkey quill wings do you pretreat treat them with a spray fixative or just tie au naturel. thanks! Bob (P.S. and thanks for posting all the gorgeous fly photos and discussions of technique :headbang: !)
  6. Right now it looks like there is no Moufflon available in the U.S. Does anyone know of an overseas source? best regards, Bob
  7. perfect! thanks!....(das vidanya??) Bob
  8. Is there a tutorial some where for making your own Mcmurray ant bodies. I thought I've seen one some where but now :dunno: ... thanks! Bob
  9. Sorry guys, I'm going to have to drop out. I've got a couple of rods I need to finish for folks and it stops being fun when I'm feeling strapped for time. thanks anyway, Bob
  10. I'm no Canuck but hell i'm headin' to BC for trout this summer . I'll throw in with you guys. It'll either be an Irresistable or a Humpy. Do we send one fly, 1/2 dozen or ? Bob
  11. Here's what I'm looking at for xmas... Peregrine Steamside Box Bob
  12. I believe it's hair(?)... Regards, Bob
  13. I tie my own but will use store bought knotless as well. I have been using George Harvey's leader formula that I found in an old issue of Fly Fisherman and it fishes really well. I also just furled my first thread leader this week but haven't fished it yet. Regards, Bob
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