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    Thank you, guys !
  2. Hi, mates ! The material is some kind of latex in my oppinion. I bought it from sports shop, they sell it in long rolls about 20 cm. wide and cut it for custommers. They promote it as device to make some type of exercise.The colors are fluo green and yellow. It is cheep, strechy and effective substitute of traditional materials. I hope it is helpful. Cheers!
  3. Hi, mates ! The original color of the gloves is creamy. There are different gloves with different thickness of the material, so you have to choose the right one for the propper fly regarding to the size and shape. One of the main reason for bulky fly is , that you don't pull strtip enought when you wrap.The another is that you don't match the size of the hook with the size of body to the thickness of the latex you use.The good thing when you use latex strip is that you could relatively change size of the fly according to strenght you apply when you strech with every wrap. To create that sort of fles is very important to guess what would be the result after using latex strip regarding to the thickness of the material,and create smooth and appropriate underbody before start wrapping. I hope it is useful, guys ! Cheers
  4. Thanks, mates ! It's fully fishable, I don't make display flies! The body is made by kitchen gloves' 5 mm strips, colored brown, using permanent markers. The result is very authentic texture... The legs are from Pheasant tail fibers. Cheers
  5. Thank you, guys ! Cheers
  6. Hi, mates Here's my new gammarus pattern: Cheers !
  7. kody


    Hi, mate! Usualy it takes 20-30 minutes for each. But have no sence to make single one, I usualy make them in group of ten.First day I prepare underbody basic shape for ten, prepare legs for them, wing cases' segments and next day assemble all the parts. Regards
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    Thanks, mates! Cheers
  9. Very fishy looking Bugger ! Thanks for SBS ! Regards
  10. Cracking tying, Flydoc ! Grate pattern !
  11. Hi, it is already there Regards
  12. Thanks mates ! Regards
  13. Hi mates, this is my latest variation of Baetis nymph: Regards
  14. Thanks mates ! Regards
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by kody: Kody's hares ear
  16. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by kody: Comparadun
  17. Adorable fly, thanks for SBS ! The river looks like grate place for fishing. Regards
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