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  1. I am wanting to make my own leader for bass . does anyone have a good formula ?
  2. Hey thanks you guys ; Bama is always the last kid on the block. We do have watersheds , I have the coosa river north and west of me. and at least two major creeks , one on my property. I never thought much about the different stages , until I started trying to learn fly fishing. We got big ole skeeters , i guess it wouldnt hurt to tye up some of those.
  3. I live in alabama , I can't find much info on insects in the south . I would like to know when they hatch here . I know that mayfly adults come out around may , but I dont know about other insects.
  4. Hello from Alabama Just started in this great hobby of fly tying , we don't have trout here . But we sure got a lot of bass and bluegill. I am wanting to meet some bama fly tyers.
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