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  1. hello, I've got a question and any recommendations would be appreciated, what would be a good beginners vise? I don't want to spend more then like 80 dollars on a one.... I saw the orvis one on the orvis website which was 79.99 is this one any good? I really was thinking about getting a small table vise and a pair of locking needle nose pliers to start which comes out to like 25 dollars at lowes... seems like a good idea to see if I truly am going to like tying flies. Thanks guys and gals, Lady Fisher
  2. Thanks for the reply mike, greatly appreciated :yahoo:
  3. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and have just started to fly fish for bass, bluegills, well panfish in general and was looking into tying after I seen a man out at our local lake missing a hand and he ties his own flies, and I said to myself if he could do it, I could do it. I make jewerly out of beads and lots of beads to start with yes I am female if you are wondering by now. Im a bit over whelmed with this and composed a list of things I think I should get : A vise bobbins (are these like the bobbins that thread comes on ?) scissors ( i am a certified nurses aide and have suture removal scissors and tweezers from my job at the nursing home) hackle pliers dubbing needle whip finisher hair stacker saw brassie on a list (what is this) Glue thread From what im reading and saw i cant use plain hooks from the spinning gear? so that means that I have to get fly tying hooks? I was thinking to start I would brush my black long haired dog or trim some fur from his belly and tie some flies. I would like to start with wooly buggers. any and all imformation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, LadyFisher :help:
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