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  1. If you can't help a newbie without being a total douche canoe, don't bother. X2
  2. Probably just Lazer dub or something similar.
  3. I really enjoyed that, thank you for sharing.
  4. Maybe Polar bears will migrate back south, cross breed with brown bears.... get a back cross...?? Anyways Polar Bears (brown bears) migrated north some 250 000 yrs ago... they adapted... i'm sure some species will... well they have to or.....
  5. Yup he has been looking to get out for while now. Extremely long saddles. No whiting but great for fishing flies.
  6. So after all that, questioning my reading comprehension and everything...I was right. You've never actually used one. Good day, sir. Why would I even ask questions about something if I already know the answers? If pretending that I was misrepresenting something (something that, by the way, I stated several times, that you apparently couldn't be bothered to read) and "claiming victory" is what it takes for you to feel important, I'm glad I could provide that to you. It's a good thing you can tie flies and use a screwdriver, because I don't think advanced reading comprehension is in the cards. Congratulations, big guy, you sure showed me! Big clap from this guy. Well written.
  7. Care to explain that Joe....? How does leverage equate to better compression ...?
  8. Just with regular muddlers. Nothing fancy. Coastal Cutties love em!!
  9. Howard Hackle from Alberta, Canada. Some of the longest saddles I have seen!! I picked up some full saddles a while back. His cree is not bad at all. Also the dye jobs he does are great, very vivid.
  10. I used mallard flank for the wings.
  11. Very true, it's not a "bright white". There are probably better lights. Ott light isn't too bad. 50% off with coupon at Micheals.
  12. When you pull a bunch off the spool it makes it worse. Yup
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