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  1. I love the style of Oliver Edwards. I have two copies of his book, all his dvds, and even his interview with me for Hatches (once a magazine here) all hand written by him too. I will keep all those pointers in mind and practice with them!
  2. First try at a Rhyacophila Larva by Oliver Edwards My ribbing is a bit off on this one. Will be more mindful moving forward.
  3. Thank you. I actually did make this first one with a bead bigger then I intended to. The rest of them have a size smaller bead.
  4. Thanks guys. I have tied it in chartreuse and hot orange so far. Will hit purple next!
  5. This is my first time back at the vise in 7 years. Figured I would try the PT Cruiser Pheasant Tail Nymph. I know my portions need help but I was happy to back at the bench! -Sam
  6. I remember there was hats, shirts, bamboo rods, medals, gift certificates, etc. The forum also had a sister site just for fly fishing. That also was a fun site to learn and share on. I learned almost everything I knew back then from those two forums.
  7. LOL, just like old times snuggy bear!!!
  8. Cuz I haven't been on this site in the last 10 years and I was the one doing the interviewing. They were originally done for hatches before it was a printed magazine.
  9. It was a little bit of both most of the fly tyers I spoke to over the telephone. Oliver Edwards had to be a handwritten interview cuz he didn't want to share his phone number and wanted to keep his personal information discrete so I did that interview through Chris Helm who is personal friends with Oliver Edwards. I let forum members send me questions to ask certain fly tyers that they were interested in to try and gear the interview to satisfy what members of The Forum wanted. I'm sure you could reach out to SmalleiHunter and he might be able to lead you to the links if they still exist
  10. Dyna king is awesome IMO. I have an Ultimate Indexer and I absolutely loved tying on it. This weekend I will tye the first fly I have tied in 5 years or so, hopefully this is like riding a bike.
  11. This was over 10 years ago. I interviewed Paul Whillock, Ron Alcot, Chris Helm, and even have a framed hand written interview with Oliver Edwards with a personalized note on his personal stationary. It was all a lot of fun!
  12. Good to be back. Dusting off the vise this weekend... I can't wait to see how bad I am.. LOL
  13. Man these were a lot of fun back then. I got to meet some great tyers and friends!
  14. Thank you utyer! Looking forward to it!
  15. What's up everyone, it's been about 10 years since I have been really active here on the forum. Haven't tied a fly in about 5 years as well. Hopefully this weekend I can relearn some flies and turn out some flies for this coming spring. Hopefully I will reconnect with some old friends, and make a few of new ones. I will not be here daily but check I about once a week hopefully.
  16. Raffle for Colleen & Everett Katzenberger, widow and son of Staff Sergeant Jeremy A Katzenberger KIA June 14, 2011 http://www.1stbn75thrgrregtmemorial.com/RangerMemorialMemoryKatzenberger.htm Staff Sergeant Jeremy A Katzenberger not only a soldier he was a husband, a father and a friend to many! I'm raffling off this custom made 10wt Fly Fishing Rod. All saltwater hardware, exotic calk grip and fighting butt, 120 year old asian wood reel seat, med. to fast action, bold eagle medallion at end of fighting butt. Brand new never used. Cost is $30 & only 30 tickets available. Make payment to my paypal for as many tickets as you want. Once 30 are sold I will post that no further payments are needed. Also if you want to contribute above and beyond you can PM me and let me know the additional monies is to go straight to the family. My paypal: [email protected] Please make payment "friends and family" only. Do not put raffle in the notes just the word "Rod" and your full name. Once this raffle closes and winner is announced I will send Colleen & Everett Katzenberger a check for $500 or more depending on contributions. I will cover shipping of fly rod to the lower 48 states.
  17. Great looking stonefly buddy.
  18. That was Paul Whillocks book. The regular book was $60, the one with a semi realistic was $700 and the art fly edition was $2000. I like my $60 edition just fine thank you. -Sam
  19. That was Paul Whillocks book. The regular book was $60, the one with a semi realistic was $700 and the art fly edition was $2000. I like my $60 edition just fine thank you. -Sam
  20. My prayers go out to his family. What a great fly tyer!
  21. Another great idea. Thanks for sharing. Anyone else? -Sam
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