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  1. This is my version of the icelandic fly "The Principal". Works well for trout and char.
  2. Yep, cheating! ;-) Flytying isn't supposed to be too easy...
  3. Hats are fun! Last august, at Cheesemans Canyon, The South Platte River: 11 years ago, at Finnmarksvidda, northern Norway: 43 years ago, Stockholm, Sweden...
  4. This years peak for me - so far... 3,4 kg (7,5 lbs, just like Daniels) from Pina River. The trout took a black Skater/Gurglr and made me run 400 m along the rapids...
  5. I'm back after two exciting weeks at the russian Kola peninsula. We caught quite few fish, but the average size was just extreme! One of the guys got ten trout - six over 7 lbs and two on 6 lbs sharp! 7,5 lbs on a dry fly! From Kharlovka River. The land of midnight sun. The sun never goes down, so you can fish until you faint of exhaustion... Pina River. In swedish that means River of Agony. A name that's totally wrong, you couldn't find a better river for fly fishing. In the net. The russian trout is big, strong and beautiful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfWAsHCYkgA All transports are done by Mi8 helicopters. To be continued...
  6. Thanks! I used my EOS 5D Mk II with a 50/1,8 lens (the first one with metal bayonet) and 1/320 sec at f/2,0.
  7. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna give any details about the location on the world wide web Oh, I didn't mean that you should! I'm just curious in what part of Iceland you are fishing. You really got good brownies there!
  8. It really looks nice! Where are you? I've been to Iceland twice, and I will come back for sure!
  9. The box is gray and inactivated and tells me that I can't start a new topic. // Johan That's odd. Is it giving you an error message or what is it doing when you try to post? Steve
  10. Last week we spent two days of trout fishing in the woods of Swedish Dalarna. The Danica Ephemera was hatching, and we had a tremendous dry fly fishing. "It's not the size that counts..." Photo by Alex Gustafsson. Camera Canon EOS 5D Mk II with three different lenses. (Can anyone tell me why I cannot post in Fly Fishing Reports?)
  11. Buggers must be the most versatile pattern there is. I mostly uses the black one, but sometimes I arm it with beads and/or rubber legs. Another one that have worked the last years are olive with red front hackle and red metallic bead - a variant of the icelandic fly "Rektorn" (The principal) I always use fox or rabbit for the tail, depending on the size. My favourite hook is the Gamakatsu F-314 (se the black/chartreuse and the olive/red buggers) And they work... :-) Rio Gallegos sea trout
  12. Really nice fly! In right size a killer for the russian trout. Or other big trout. I tie flies in size 1 for them, so this one isn't way much too big... Like this Lothar Tandem, Gamakatsu F-314, size 1 + 8.
  13. A really nice and good looking fly! I like the dubbing behind the front hackel. I guess it will prevent the hackle to collapse in faster water. The dubbing looks just like snow shoe rabbit. I will go for that since I don't have any skunk...
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by bigtrout.se: Bitch Freak
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28GaKoCuobU
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