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  1. love the round heads, probably be a smashing crappie topwater fly
  2. Awesome thank you for the suggestions. Ill try them out and post a response here in the next few day.
  3. Ya it completely unravelled right to the eye of the hook. I tied one successfully and had 4 unravel.
  4. The threads Iv researched offer suggestions but nothing relating to folding the tubing back over itself.
  5. Any tips for tying in Mylar Tubing and folding itself back over the hook shank? The fly I'm trying to tie is the floating minnow pattern that requires you to tie the tubing in at the eye and fold it back over to the rear of the hook over the foam. I'm tying it in alright but every time I try and hold it back over itself it separates and spreads all out. Here is the link I'm following. Any advice would be great.
  6. I tied up half a dozen of these last night to try for crappie. One of my new favorite ties!
  7. Thanks for the advice! Ill be sure to take it all into consideration
  8. Anyone have any experience trolling flies? Have a trip booked for July to a fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba. I've been there the last few summers but this year I want to try fly fishing the majority of the time. Last year we trolled for walleye and caught dozens of fish in the 8-14 foot depth range. I'm wondering if there is a way to troll flies down to that depth without using bottom bouncers or other spin tackle techniques? Fly fishing for pike in the bays won't be an issue, I've done that many times but I've never caught a walleye on the fly before. Flies I have tied to bring include: deceivers, bucktail hair wing streamers, leech patterns, rabbit strip flies and woolly buggers. All of which look like spin tackle we have had success trolling years before. Any advice on technique or flies would be great! Thanks
  9. I second the fly choice by akTrap and would like to add the colour purple/black, red/yellow and red/white. Pike up here in northern Manitoba love um. For leaders I use cabelas bass leaders 20lb, they come in a pack of 6 and are cheap to buy, I use rio knotable wire for a tippet and have had great success. Enjoy the fishing, it is a blast hooking a monster like in the pics above!
  10. Awesome thank you for all the suggestions. I will let you know how it goes
  11. I'm a physical education teacher so I have access to a gym everyday, I'll just try that out and if it doesn't work I'll fix the problem accordingly.
  12. Northern Manitoba around the Thompson area. 4 hours from the famous Reindeer Lake. Best fishing province in my opinion, pike walleye, trout, small&large mouth bass, grayling, catfish plus a dozen other species. Only thing we are missing out on is Atlantic Salmon.
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