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  1. Any tips for tying in Mylar Tubing and folding itself back over the hook shank? The fly I'm trying to tie is the floating minnow pattern that requires you to tie the tubing in at the eye and fold it back over to the rear of the hook over the foam. I'm tying it in alright but every time I try and hold it back over itself it separates and spreads all out.


    Here is the link I'm following. Any advice would be great.


  2. Anyone have any experience trolling flies?


    Have a trip booked for July to a fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba. I've been there the last few summers but this year I want to try fly fishing the majority of the time. Last year we trolled for walleye and caught dozens of fish in the 8-14 foot depth range. I'm wondering if there is a way to troll flies down to that depth without using bottom bouncers or other spin tackle techniques?


    Fly fishing for pike in the bays won't be an issue, I've done that many times but I've never caught a walleye on the fly before.


    Flies I have tied to bring include: deceivers, bucktail hair wing streamers, leech patterns, rabbit strip flies and woolly buggers. All of which look like spin tackle we have had success trolling years before.


    Any advice on technique or flies would be great!



  3. I second the fly choice by akTrap and would like to add the colour purple/black, red/yellow and red/white. Pike up here in northern Manitoba love um. For leaders I use cabelas bass leaders 20lb, they come in a pack of 6 and are cheap to buy, I use rio knotable wire for a tippet and have had great success.


    Enjoy the fishing, it is a blast hooking a monster like in the pics above!

  4. Greetings all, I recently purchased a Cabelas Prestige Plus reel at a 7-8 weight. I bought 30lb backing which was recommended and 7WF sink tip line. I live in northern Canada and do a lot of walleye, pike and trout fishing. My question is can I put this reel and line on my 9 weight rod to use lake trout and pike fishing? Or I have a cheap Canadian Tire 7 weight rod I've had or 10 years and has been beat around pretty good.

    I've had great luck with my 9wt for throwing big like flys and catching plenty of fish in the 10lb+ range but never had a sinking line. I should have just gone with another 9 weight reel but wanted something a little lighter for walleyes which tend to be deeper.


    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated

  5. I wouldn't be using them for dry fly fishing, I'm talking about 2/0-4/0 deceiver patterns or zonker strip pike flies. The flies the selfs are fairly heavy so I don't think a clip or snap will effect the cast. The teeth to so much damage on flies and the knotable steel leader doesn't take long before you are adding on sections due to fly changes.

  6. Question for you all,


    Anyone have any experience using the mustard fly clips for easy fly changing? I'm wondering about them for pike fishing with 3-6 inch flies. If used the smaller ones for changing flies while smallmouth bass fishing but would love to know how they withstand 10-15+lb northerns? And can I just tie one onto the end of my knotable steel leader? It would make things so much more convenient this spring!

  7. I live in Northern Manitoba and there are numerous lakes and outfitters around here just minutes away. The fishing up here is amazing, 40+ inch pike, 30+ inch walleye and lake trout in the 40-50 inch range.

    I took a job up here teaching and haven't left yet.

    If you are interested in this area I can get you some information on a few lodges I know of and ones and the couple of been to.

  8. Where are you flying? Here in Canada it's free to carry them on as a carry on, I do it all the time working in Manitoba living on the east last. You can even carry smaller hooks in your carry on aswell. I had hook sizes up to #4 and they just said as long as they weren't too big. Never did tell me the size that would be too big.

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