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  1. I've done google images and haven't found anything similar. His fly is about 6-8 inches long, most of my search results are quite smaller and less bulky.
  2. Greetings all, I have recently just finished reading the book "Toothy Critters Love Flies" by George Bernstein, an excellent read by the way, although I have a question regarding the marabou streamer he refers to several times throughout the book. The fly consists of marabou for the under and over wing, mylar tubing body, large flat tungsten barbell eyes and I cant seem to find a good example of it online. Iv tied flies for pike for two years now and would really like to add this fly into my supply. If anyone has a better picture (or pictures) of the fly im describing or a video of the fly being tied I can watch online that would be great. And also what kind of marabou feathers do you use for the fly, seems like I have a different type of feather. Troutinturnie
  3. Rio Knotable wire is my go to, attach it to my 20lb mono leader with an Albright knot. Flies: bunny leech patterns and deceives are my favorites for up here in Northern Manitoba.
  4. Im a big fan of the Rio Knotable Wire Tippet. Havnt had a pike or walleye bite through yet. For Walleye Iv used clousers and buggers. Olive works great. Im no expert by any means. Cast and retreive through the weeds and you should hook up.
  5. I use cabela brand bass leaders, usually 20lb then tie on about a foot of Rio knotable wire tippet. Its $17.00 per spool and usually lasts a while. Works well for me up in Northen Canada, largest pike landed was just under 20lbs.
  6. Well a long winter of tying has paid off. The ice has been out for a couple weeks now and the Pike fishing is phenomenal! Here is a few pictures from my most recent trip out. The lake is only one hour from my house! All fish were caught on deceivers, either Chart/white, or Black/purple. Kyle
  7. Thank you Denduke. Im new to tying and have been wondering how people attach cork bodies to the hook for some time now. Much appreciated. Kyle
  8. Greetings all, Finally caught my first fish/pike on the fly last night. Lakes still iced over but we have a few rivers open. I was using a red/yellow deceiver that I tied up myself and quickly realized how much pike actually do destroy a fly. The question I have for you is: I missed quite a few bites because of improper hook sets were is was pretty much my first time fly fishing, any pointers? Thanks, Kyle
  9. I just bought a 9' 9wt for pike and hope to try it out this weekend. i will let you know how I make out but its looking like you will be fine with the 8wt Kyle
  10. Still iced over partner. I had my truck on the ice last week fishing out of the front seat. A lot of slush so I'm hoping in the next few weeks it will open up. In Winnipeg this week and the lakes here are starting to open up so won't be long "fingers crossed"
  11. Greetings all, Here are my most recent warmwater flies. First time attempting a leech pattern. Let me know what ya think Kyle
  12. Greetings all, Gearing up for some big Northern Pike fishing once the ice melts so Im starting on some Bunny Leches. Just wondering from you all what are your favorite sizes/color combinations. Ill be fishing a 9wt rod and on average the Pike are 35+ inches long, but every once and a while you may hook a 50+ lunker. Also do you prefer fish skull heads or cone heads? or without? I appreciate all the help you guys have given me already and hope someday Ill be able to pass on advice to someone starting out. Kyle
  13. I enjoy these topics. The vise I currently use is a basic rotary model white river brand, and it is total garbage. The vise cost under $30 and I'm glad it wasn't a cent more. It holds hooks terrible and is extremely difficult to adjust properly. I'm in the market for a higher end vise.
  14. If I was there I doubt my line would even make the water Id be so tangled up haha
  15. @ Christopher K What color instead of yellow?
  16. Thanks for the feedback, my next fly turned out alot better. I lessened up the tail and thinned up my body. I also lessened up my wing and was more picky on the hackle feathers I selected. Kyle
  17. Thanks for the illustration, I too was wondering the same question.
  18. Greetings all, Here's my first attempt at the Stimulator. Tied on size 10 Stimulator hook, looking for some feedback you all may have. The photo is a bit blurry, I think the camera was too close and a bit out of focus. Your help is appreciated Kyle
  19. I too wouldn't mind knowing the materials for the fly. Looks great
  20. June, July and August. The big pike come out to play. July and August I go home to Nova Scotia where we mostly fish for Smallies and Striped Bass
  21. I apologize for the picture quality and some flies are not as visible as others.
  22. Greetings all, Here is just a recent picture of the warmwater flies Ive been tying up here in Northern Manitoba. Iv tied a few deer hair zonker strip, wooly buggers, hoppers, clousers, few nymphs and ants and a pike zonker strip fly (lower right hand corner) The deer hair with the yellow zonker strip was wet from testing the swim action (swims great) Its my first year tying so id love to hear any suggestions or alternative patterns I should try. I cant seem to get enough tying, impatiently awaiting the ice to melt. Appreciate the advice Kyle
  23. Thanks for the info. I tied half a dozen buck tail flies last night and spent a good hour or so at work watching videos and improved my success instantly. Still gotta work through a few kinks but thats life. Post pics today after work. Kyle
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